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More gays need to put themselves forward says Tory

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  1. Oh look – another Stonewall “only mentioning bisexuals when they ask for donations” shocker.Very promising statistics otherwise! Though I’m not certain about YouGov’s methodology on a survey with this topic — I suspect the more homophobic might have opted out of it, not wanting to think about the questions.

  2. Cllr Joan McTigue, Middlesbrou 23 May 2007, 5:48pm

    I for one supported the Catholic church’s recent dispute against the government on gay adoption. The move in society to finding homosexuality as acceptable in every area is wrong. I fully support the church’s argument against the government, and they won’t budge us.

  3. “I fully support the church’s argument against the government, and they won’t budge us.”Fine. Then you, and the increasingly few others like you, just carry on sitting there in the Middle Ages, smugly contemplating your own righteousness, while the rest us carry on happily into the modern era, listening to your whining and wailing getting steadily further and further away. Until we can no longer hear you at all.Byeee!

  4. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 23 May 2007, 9:05pm

    Great news. The stats are similar in the US but aren’t codified by protective laws here. You’re far ahead of us and if the trend of increading numbers of gays and lesbians joinng the police force continues you may make some serious inroads into homophobia. I hope so becasue the recent murderous rampage by homophobic christian goons is very sad news. If the figures regarding hatred and discriminiation against the Irish reach those levels do you suppose your government could be induced to get out of Ireland so the Irish can take care of pigs like Paisley?

  5. Well the good Cllr is from Middlesbrough. Nothing more to be said.

  6. Dominick J. 1 Apr 2008, 4:00pm

    How does one go about looking at that survey? There are a lot of surveys that are worded so the applicant fails.

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Apr 2008, 4:50pm

    Well thank you for your insight Councillor. I take it your suspension from office has been lifted and you are allowed to use the title ‘councillor’ again.I would have thought, having bought disgrace on the office you hold once and having been sanctioned for doing so, you’d have been a little more guarded when airing your bigoted views in public, but as they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Apr 2008, 5:04pm

    Havind read a little bit more about your chequered history councillor, pray tell how much did it cost the church for your support?I notice your not adverse to taking a little gift here or there when you’re asked to make a planning decision.So, is it just planning or do you sell yourself every time you’re asked to take a view on something?How you’ve got the bare faced cheek to come on here and preach to us really does beggar belief.You are a disgrace to your office.

  9. There is now a link at the bottom of all three stories about the survey to the appropriate section on the Stonewall website.

  10. Dominick J. 1 Apr 2008, 6:14pm

    There is now a link at the bottom of all three stories about the survey to the appropriate section on the Stonewall website.editor*************************************Been there, done that it ain’t there.Can you supply me with that link here please?

  11. It is the first one on the list You can download all of our current publications for free. * Serves you right: Lesbian and gay people’s expectations of discrimination (200

  12. I tried to join my Dodington Parish Council as an independent at the May 2007 local elections, but the homophobic press “would not” publicize me and if you cannot get your message across then it’s not worth standing.So I started a gay newspaper to try and publicize myself and then realized that the ‘power of the press’ had far more bite than I could ever have as a Parish Councilor.People just don’t become MP’s over-night. They start from the grass-roots of Parish/Borough Councils. Margot James, is correct to say she has experienced a lot of homophobia from the (Straight) Press.However when I initially tried to be co-opted onto my Parish Council, all of the other Parish Councilor’s refused to let me join. So I would have to say that not all of Margot James’s comments are correct.

  13. William - Dublin 1 Apr 2008, 6:53pm

    Another insightful analysis from Mr. perdue, the bolshevik with the singular racist view of Irish current affairs. Well done, Billy. A stunning example of the puerile education system mixed with 1920’s communist ideals!How’s about your government getting our of Iraq and Afghanistan, and taking your military bases out of the EU before you worry about the political system of a country you have never set foot on its soil.

  14. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Apr 2008, 7:31pm

    Bill, the British government has no problem ceding northern Ireland back to the republic provided it is done through the ballot box. I don’t think the majority in the north would want that anyway, given a choice. The wishes of the majority must be respected. Ahern knows that and so do the rest of the populace in the south, the majority of them I might add.

  15. William - Dublin 1 Apr 2008, 8:50pm

    Exactly Robert, well said. There will be a united Ireland only when both countries vote in a democratic referendum to do so… until then, the majority on the North chose to remain with the United Kingdom, and 99% of the Republic respects that, regardless of our aspirations.

  16. In answer to the Tory Cllr.Some of us remember THATCHER, section 28, TORY refusal to have gay equality and will never vote TORY.

  17. Whilst I identify with the Tory Cllr that we need to move on, I can safely say that the Tory Government has been a barrier to equality and social change. In recent years, the Tories have demonstrated an ability to adapt but only in the face of changing realities. Thus, we can expect the Tories never to be proactive and ONLY reactive/adaptive. Sad. Some of em are quite cute.

  18. Bill Perdue 1 Apr 2008, 11:38pm

    Robert, thanks for your response to my posting of May 23rd, 2007. I forget what that discussion was about but my remarks aimed at criticizing the hypocrisy of the English Government regarding political change in occupied Ireland are still relevant.You say, “ Bill, the British government has no problem ceding northern Ireland back to the republic provided it is done through the ballot box.”Apparently the IRA agrees with you; after 25 years of a sucessful military defense of the Irish in occupied Ireland they stood down to participate in the Good Friday Peace Process. I am not as sure as you are, given the 700 year history of colonization and military oppression of the Irish by the English, that the English government will honor that process. In any case, for now the goal of devolution as a first step towards Irish reunification has stalled. You say “I don’t think the majority in the north would want that anyway, given a choice. The wishes of the majority must be respected.” I don’t think that in the end the opinions of colonists will count for much if all the Irish are allowed to vote on the questions of unity and full independence. Those are questions that are properly left up to the democratic decision of the Irish, whether they live in the occupied north or in the Republic.

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Apr 2008, 1:12am

    Walter, you are absolutely right about the Conservatives, but equally this holds true for Labour. The Lib Dems can of course promise everything to everyone as they know there is no chance of ever gaining power. Both Labour and Conservatives are entirely reactive in their equalities agendas. Labour have given a semblance of being more committed to equalities in recent years purely because their PR machine has been the better of the two main parties. The Conservatives have upped their game recently and under David Cameron we are starting to much more of the polished political product we have been used to from New Labour.There isn’t any difference between either Labour or the Conservatives. The gains that we have had over the last few years would have come down through Europe irrespective of who was in power and episodes like the saga of Labour’s Miranda Grell who made allegations of paedophilia against a gay opponent in order to win his seat, show the depths that politicians will stoop to in the name of power and control.The Conservatives are keen to regain power and are doing everything to be seen to be keeping their house in order. The first sniff of scandal and the party takes action to distance itself from the culprit. Not so with Labour, who know that Thatcher’s Section 28 will secure them votes for many years to come. In the case of Miranda despite being convicted of spreading lies and then losing her appeal, she still was not thrown out of the Labour Party. Similarly the peerages for sale and the dodgy donations have seen no MPs exiled.

  20. William - Dublin 2 Apr 2008, 9:26am

    ‘sucessful military defence of the Irish’??? Bill, you are as much a fool as you are insulting. A classic delusional and downright stupid statement that is so typical of you and your false degrees. To call a terrorist organisation, that is not supported by the people of Ireland, a ‘defender of the people’ only shows where your own view of human rights is. You sicken me. The defination of idiot is a ‘profound mental retardation’. By all account, a description of you Bill, but the origin of the word is ‘idiotes’, a Greek word used to describe a person who did not partake in the democratic process and had bad judgement……disturbing how accurate that word, idiot, describes you on every level and by every defination Bill.

  21. Sister Mary is half right – some of the gains we’ve had on LGBT rights in the last decade have been foisted on us by the EU, in the face of Labour and Tory opposition. When are those two going to do the decent thing and marry — er I mean get into coalition?The rest of the LGBT rights we’ve seen enacted though have been Lib Dem initiatives that Labour has blocked when unveiled, voted down, called unworkable, delayed, and then passed into law and demanded the credit. Cheeky swines. Civil Partnerships were drafted by the Lib Dem peer Lord Lester, the smoking ban which will do more than almost anything else to improve our often pub-based community’s health was from Lib Dem Lord Clement-Jones, and so forth.On the other hand, Mary is preaching straight from the Blue Labour hymnal about Lib Dems — the story of Section 28’s repeal north and south of the border shows the Libs put their money where their mouth is when elected.

  22. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Apr 2008, 3:13pm

    Jen – I agree entirely with you, but that’s my whole point, the Lib Dems have all the time in the world to worry about all the ‘dressing’. They never get a chance to deal with all the really big stuff a government has to deal with, managing the economy, the welfare state, foreign policy, the environmental impact of global warming, whatever.They can cherry pick what they want to focus on and they can come up with all manner of popularist polices that they know that they will never be in a position to impliment. If one of the major parties takes on board any of their ideas, then they’re quids in.Its win, win, win for the Libs Dems (apart from at the polls of course).

  23. Dominick J. 2 Apr 2008, 4:18pm

    To WIlliam-Dublin, your name calling of Bill is really uncalled for. I think it was Aristotle or Shaw who declared “Once it comes to calling names the argument is pretty much at an end.”

  24. Dominick J., Bill is the most obnoxious poster on this board by a factor of 10.He has a history of racism against the English, bigotry against, well, every group that may not share his Marxist fantasies and misrepresenting the views of regular posters here in the most offensive fashion.Several here have picked up on this and reply in a way that we wouldn’t do to anyone merely for having a different opinion.It has proved impossible to debate with Bill on any serious level and so his idiotic views of world politics deserve to be ridiculed.William-Dublin has taken him apart on several occasions for his support of the IRA and other comments on the evil “English colonialists” and hopefully will continue to do so.I wouldn’t want a casual reader here to think that Bill’s posts get a free pass or represent anything other than an extreme view.

  25. William - Dublin 2 Apr 2008, 7:32pm

    Thanks Luke buddy, I’m sick to the back teeth of that retarded gimp and his right wing fascist crap on Ireland. Bill Perdue is the reason gay bashing happens.And to you, Dominick J., Bill Perdue, supports a extremist fringe terrorist organisation like the IRA and has consistently shown himself to be a ill-informed and a racist. Bill, I might add, has never set foot in Ireland, and as such, he is an insult to me and all real Irish people. Unless you agree with him that the good people of Omagh deserved to be blown 5 ways to Christmas in support of Irish “unity”, I suggest you read his comments before you cast aspersions on me. The term “idiot” is not an insult to Bill, its a moniker he seems to wear with absolute pride. To say that Bill is an uneducated idiot and a stuttering fool is simply stating the obvious, nothing more.

  26. Dominick J. 3 Apr 2008, 12:54am

    Dear friends, William and Luke,I don’t mean to cast aspersions on anyone. I have read Bills comments and from your comments I don’t even know why you would even engage him in any type of dialogue knowing him. It’s just not productive and name calling isn’t going to change him it only brings you down to his level.I would suggest Shunning him and hopefully he’ll leave.

  27. Comments previously posted on this page under the name Councillor Joan McTigue of Middlesbrough were NOT placed on by her and do not reflect her views.

  28. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Apr 2008, 7:06pm

    Councillor Joan McTigue is far too busy getting suspended for breaching Middlesborough Council’s code of conduct and getting nasty letters from the Borough Solicitor for accepting improper gifts to be surfing Pinknews of an afternoon.Did she complain then ed?

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