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Lords gay rights foe dies

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Reader comments

  1. High time these olf fossils in the House of Lords were thrown out and replaced by elected members.People have argued that by getting rid of this bunch of unelected “has beens” would get rid of a lot of experience and expertise. I have no problem with that but they are quite at liberty to offer their experience by first being elected, just like MPs, then they are more than welcome to try and tell me how to live my life. BUT, as unelected Lords then sorry they are no better than little dictators.This is the 21st century and we can hardly tell Mugabe he needs to win an election to rule when we have a Chamber stuffed with unelected Peers!

  2. Good riddance to this Motherf–ker and his church hopefully also. The only heaven for him and his church will be the maggots enjoying the feast of a homophobic body. And turning him into what he really is anway – bug poop

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