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Scottish campaign aims to stop deportation of gay teenager

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Reader comments

  1. He entered this country illegaly and with a forged passport, this is against UK Law. He should not be given privelege of staying in UK and should be deported as a criminal.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 29 Mar 2008, 1:24pm

    In regard to Iran, let alone Syria, maybe Jacqui Smith and Lord Spithead et al may gain some enlightenment from the following article. Check the link below.

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    […] the money raised will go to an account for Jojo Yakob: the other half to Edinburgh-based charity Refugee Survival Trust. Jojo said: “I don’t like to […]

  4. I find it absolutely ridiculous that Jojo Yakob has been given so much support in his quest to remain in the UK. My reasons for this are:

    1) He entered the UK illegally, when he had ample opportunity to seek international protection in the first safe country he entered after leaving Syria.

    2) He is a failed asylum seeker, who was deemed not to be credible.

    3) He was recommended for deportation by a sheriff due to the seriousness of the crime he committed.

    4)The campaign to have the deportation order revoked has cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds.

    5)He faces further charges of theft/fraud and will appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court later this year. He is accused of stealing £5000 from an Asian Gentleman from Edinburgh.

    I ask viewers to this site to think very carefully before offering their support to this criminal.

    Is this the sort of person we really want to stay in the UK.

    I think not!!!!!!!

  5. Mombian » Blog Archive » Weekly Political Update 27 Mar 2010, 2:01am

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