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Met Police criticised for allowing gay hate concert

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Reader comments

  1. see no where near equality yet

  2. John Stephenson 31 Mar 2008, 3:48pm

    I absolutely cannot believe this can be allowed in todays London!!! What on earth were the police thinking?? Who ever allowed this should be disciplined and made to go on a GBLT awareness training programme. Peter T is absolutely right with the comparison. With the disgusting death of Larry King (see url for link to Ellen’s emotional comment on it) you cannot allow anyone who has instilled these thought to even perform here – EVER.

  3. John Stephenson 31 Mar 2008, 3:49pm

    click on homepage below

  4. “…songs that contain what could be considered to be homophobic lyrics.”Are they kidding us with this statement?Songs that contain what COULD BE CONSIDERED to be homophobic lyrics?How fucking offensive is that? Calling for the murder of gay people COULD be considered to be homophobic?How terribly disappointing that even in London in 2008 people still have to put up with this kind of ignorance.

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