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Homophobia claims rejected by police complaints body

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Reader comments

  1. elizabeth veldon 28 Mar 2008, 3:06pm

    so if it walks like a homaphobe, talks like a homophobe and hates Queers then it’s not a homophobe?

  2. “Queers”Grow upShe does nothing but moan this woman – moan and complain and bitch about everything – it is depressing to be infected by her problems.

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Mar 2008, 6:23pm

    A trust a certain individual who prefers to remain anonymous these days will stop bleating on about the imaginary injustices against him now.Aside from the cost of investigating these allegations borne of a furtile imagination, how much police time was wasted looking into the case that could have been better spent investigating genuine injustice, or solving crimes.

  4. SMC ur correct, but elizabeth will never be happy – a very expensive investigation by an independent body still does not shake her from her conviction that everyone is a homophobe and out to get her.She and her cohort are just as deranged as the fundamentalist Christians, and less amusing. Look at her squealing – “hates Queers” – where did she get that one? Not one word of the report says that these officers “hate” anyone and at worst they were just ignorant of the issues. No doubt she would have them drummed out of the police force for not knowing exactly how do deal with hysterical “queers” like her. You know, the ones we wish had never been taught the word homophobia because they use it every time anyone says boo to them.Most people face nastiness in their lives at some point, and not cos they are “queer” but because THAT IS LIFE.But the Elizabeths of this world see everything as an attack on their sexuality. Never occurs to them that perhaps, quite apart from his sexuality, the complainant is an annoying twit who has a massive chip on his shoulder. NO doubt the nutter will be back shortly with more lurid tales about Cornwall police.

  5. Twenty two recommendations were made in total by the IPCC.Sixteen as a direct result of the complaints.However….The misconduct of x3 police officers who attended an assault on two gay/bi men in May 2006 was NEVER investigated.The misconduct of x2 police officers who detained a 16yr old gay youth and the abuse he suffered was NEVER investigatedThe misconduct of a Sgt who point blank refused to take a witness statement from a gay person was NEVER investigatedThe purjury misinformation of a Detective Constable and his intimidation and with holding of statutary care services from a gay youth NEVER investigated.The conduct of police officers who refused to interview eye witnesses ignored text messages physical evidence has never been investigated.Would I trust the Cornwall police on any gay related issue…NO.Do I believe the Independent Police Complaints Commission investigated the complaints fairly, fully impartially….NO.More recently two gay businessmen from Plymouth were abused by Cornwall police from Launceston police station.Do I believe there is a problem of a homophobic culture within the Cornwall police force…No, I KNOW there is a problem of HOMOPHOBIC attitudes practises by Cornwall police officers.Would I recommend any gay person took a complaint to the IPCC, no you will find yourself further abused violated.Malcolm Lidbury

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Mar 2008, 7:48pm

    Malcolm, when I make my mum a cup of tea, she makes twenty two recommendations about how I should make it next time.The allegations of homophobia were not up held and the reality of life is that if you run a microscope over anything you’ll always come up with things that could be changed or done better.The headline makes it abundantly clear what the outcome of the case was and YET you’re still on here reeling out the same old shite. Today, if no other, I would have hoped you were a little more contrite.I like the police. I think on balance they do a good job. When I have needed their help it has always been forthcoming. I have only ever had positive experiences in my dealings with the police. I don’t want other members of the gay community to suffer or put themselves at risk because they are afraid of the reception they will receive from the police if they contact them after having read salacious lies it appears to me that you are colonising the internet with.You should be locked up until you learn your lesson for wasting police time

  7. forgive me if I’m wrong, but would it be fair to say that SMC lives in London, and thus has mainly experience of the MET. And how true is this of other correspondants?I don’t know the case(s) but I do know that not all police forces are as enlightened as the best.

  8. I am ALWAYS delighted when gay people have a positive experience of the police. However, that has NOT been my overwhelming experience or the experience of some other gay persons, less confident than myself to speak out.The constant bullying to try to prevent me from raising the issues in the same way some tried to bully Omar regarding the Iranian deportation case, will I’m sure have put many off from posting their experiences of continuing Institutinal Homophobia in Britain.The IPCC reccommendations included such things as:-# the need to speak to an officer who LIED about a signature in a pocket book.# that property was withheld for longer than was appropriate or required. (That put me out of business…can’t run a internet business when the police have your computer, business records, catalogue, client base, etc. etc.)_# that property was inappropriately stored and failed to be returned.# that notification was NOT given to a falsely accused person that a case had been finalised NFA almost two months after other people had been informed.# that official legal court paperwork was withheld not served appropriately/legally.# no food minimal drink provided to a detainee in excess of 7 hours…and there is more.But of greatest concern has been the refusal to investigate ALL of the complaints the interconected nature of them.There were good reasons why ALL the gay men, gay women gay youth in last years Cornwall PRIDE steering group voted NOT to involve the police in the Day…and why the steering group broke up in FEAR of yet further police reprisals. There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind due to my personal first hand experiences and observation of misconduct towards others, that Cornwall police continues to have a serious problem regarding prejudicial attitudes practises AGAINST gay persons.Slowly I AM being informed of other cases, but people ARE terrified of challenging police abuse…and quite rightly so, given the police vendetta which follows against persons who make a complaint.I earnestly believe the IPCC has seriously failed the public gay people in declining to investigate ALL the complaints and the impact effect of their interconnected nature upon the gay persons concerned.SMC you have not walked a mile in my shoes.Malcolm Lidbury

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Mar 2008, 9:33am

    apYrs, absolutely true, I am in London, so I have had experience of the Met. However, I like many Londoners do not live in a bubble and we do occasionally (reluctantly) travel outside the M25. On those forays out into the hinterlands I have similarly found my experiences with the police to be without problems.A number of police forces outside the capital scored very well in Stonewall’s diversity champions tables – and oh, goodness me, looking very carefully, I see that Devon Cornwall Constabulary are up there at number 77 in the top 100 employers, so clearly, the Police Complaints Authority are not the only body they have managed to dupe into believing that they are not homophobic.Paul I think makes the point, not everyone in this world is going to like everybody else. Sometimes if people don’t like us, it has got absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we are gay or we are not gay, it is simply that they do not like us. We have had a string of people on here over a long period of time paining a very different picture of life under Devon Cornwall Constabulary – never once has it ever tied in with anything Malcolm has presented to us.All Malcolm is seeking to do is to raise hostility towards the police in his area because of some bad experiences he MAY have had in the past. We will likely all at some point in our lives require the support of the police and it is important that the police are recognised as a point of safety and support. Malcolm has sought to tell his tales on every site he possibly can. What sort of an impression of the police is he creating for young people in his area, who may not have had any dealing with the police? If they should urgently need police help, they are immediately going to find the whole experience more frightening and intimidating that they would normally after having had their mind’s poisoned by Malcolm’s slanted view of the world.The result, more crimes unreported and unaddressed, more distress caused, more homophobia unchallenged. Does Malcolm care? I suspect not.

  10. Some young gay people have had negative dealings with the Cornwall police as young gay persons……and this is his youtube channelM Lidbury

  11. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Mar 2008, 2:58pm

    Yes, but no homophobia though Malcolm.Anyway you’ve got absolutely nowhere with this batch of heinous imaginary injustices, so can I suggest you go away, regroup, cook up a load more fictitious complaints and then have another go to see how much more time and money you can waste.

  12. Bill Perdue 1 Apr 2008, 11:36pm

    Malcolm Lidbury is an honest GLBT activist who has no intention of letting the police off the hook. Like many others he was not particularly impressed when one government funded body, the IPCC, cleared another government body, the police, of wrong doing, as they always do. Malcolm says the fight against police bigots is not over but Twisted Sister, in a frenzy of spiteful homophobia says Malcolm should be jailed. “You should be locked up until you learn your lesson for wasting police time.” Thatcher would be so proud.

  13. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Apr 2008, 1:17am

    Thanks for that Bill – I know I’m on the right track if you disagree with me.As a complete fantasist yourself it is little wonder you are drawn to Malcolm.

  14. Danielle Baxter 4 Jun 2008, 10:39am

    As a straight, young woman, I have recently been investigating th epolice force as part of an assignment – with no preferential treatment to either the gay community or the police I am safe in the knowledge that SMC (who by religeon condems gay people…) and the others attacking Mr Lidbury that there is plenty of homophobis within the police force – and that has come straight from the horses mouth! While interviewing not one but three officers, they all admitted to experiencing homophobic behaviour from fellow officers, many of which were high rank officers. Yes, it is defintaly not ONLY gay people who can be targeted, i have much research that shows them to be equally small minded, petty and arrogant whenever it suits them and unfortunatly that is were the problm comes. Our lives, complaints, social activities, are all in their hands and who are we when it comes to standing up for ourselves it can be daunting because they will NEVER side with the complaiant if it suits them. When trouble comes, the people close ranks. It will always be a ‘them’ against ‘us’ scenario, with ‘them’ always the winners BECAUSE they close ranks. And it seems, from this page, that this has spread through the community in this case – With the majority of you siding with the law through fear of recriminations or whatever other pathetic excuse you have. And as for Pauls comment, maybe the officers involved didn’t like Mr Lidbury because he was agy or because he was wearing a blue shirt, or because he didn’t sound posh. Whatever reason is irrelevant because it is there JOB to be impartial, not make judgements for whatever reason may arise.

  15. Independent Police Complaints Commission « Master Of Share 26 Jan 2009, 5:51am

    […] The IPCC summary can be found on their website. Or visit […]

  16. These are some of the FACTS the IPCC DID establish regarding complaint made by a gay person in Cornwall, but NOTHING has been done about these incidents or the catalogue of other Cornwall police abuses highlighted:

    1. A Cornwall police officer lied about a (non-existent) signature in a pocket book. Abuser in the company of PC Tar (Camborne)
    2. Police failed to provide (withheld) legal court documentation. abuse by PC Tar of Camborne
    3. Police failed to return a computer after it had been cleared by police forensics (police kept it for weeks in a lock up garage or similar) abuse by DC Anning
    4. Police did make un-logged (not recorded by police) visits to the family home (these were most intimidating to his elderly mother) abuse by PC Tar & another, also DC Crowe & DS Beckerlegge
    5. kept a gay person on a computer as a suspect AFTER the case had been NFA’d (no further action) abuse by DC Anning
    6. failed to provide food for over 7 hours whilst a suspect was in custody. Abuse by Camborne custody officers
    7. failed to inform a gay suspect weeks after a case had been finalised that there was no further actionAbuse by DC Anning again
    8. there was no means to follow received mail into Exeter Middlemore police HQ within the internal system of the police headquarters, therefore no quality control on delivery of serviceHowever the IPCC despite the ESTABLISHED above police abuses admit in their report they did not (bother) to interview fourteen witnesses regarding a catalogue of other complaints made!

    Many aspects & further reported complaints of Cornwall police conduct against gay persons still remain entirely un-investigated. (see:- 25% of official complaints against Devon & Cornwall police officially go un-investigated/completed)

    These are further complaints regarding Cornwall police conduct the IPCC choose NOT to investigate and still remain buried to the utter frustration and angst of the gay victims of Cornwall police continuing homophobic abuses:-

    These are the complaints IPCC turned a comlete blind eye to!

    1. Failure of ‘Duty of Care’ to a homeless 15yr old teenage gay youth (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse by PC Treloar & PC Fuller of Helston
    2. Attempted blackmail of a teenage gay youth (UNINVESTIGATED) abuse by DC Scott of Camborne
    3. Abuse of a gay teenager in a strip search & botched ‘Stop & Search’ (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse by PC Alexander & another police officer
    4. Seizing of a computer leading to destruction of a gay businesses (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse DC Anning & senior officers
    5. Failure to follow ‘TRUE VISION’ & CPS definition of ‘Homophobic Incident’ following serious physical assault of two gay/bi persons (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse by Three Helston Police Officers
    6. Refusal to take statements from Gay/Bi witnesses (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse by Sgt. Rowe of Helston
    7. Perjury by a police officer in Crown Court (UNINVESTIGATED) abuse by DC Scott of Camborne
    8. Further un-logged visits by police officers to further intimidate complaintents against the police (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse by DC Crowe & DS Beckerlegge
    9. Refusal of a police Sgt. to take a witness statement from an adult gay eyewitness (a founding member of Cornwall’s lesbian women’s publication OUTBACK was witness to this police refusal) (UNINVESTIGATED) abuse by Sgt Rowe of Helston
    10. Only an ‘out’ gay person was arrested out of a group of people equaly taking part in lawful activity (No charges were made against the gay person. ( UNINVESTIGATED) abuse by DC Parker who also ignored text msgs from the false accuser ADMITTING it was a false allegation against the gay man & failed to return lawful belongings seized by police.

    Cornwall Police = they ARE the homophobic Hate Crime problem

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