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Pregnant trans man speaks out against medical discrimination

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  1. Brenda Lana Smith R af D 3 Apr 2008, 11:13am

    As a British Overseas Territory post-operative male-to-female gender variant interested party…With United Kingdom’s Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRA) not requiring a Gender Recognition Certificated bearer’s sterility/inability to procreate:What an ass the like of Thomas Beatie (nee Tracy Lagondino) being a pregnant man, just as easily happening to a GRA certificated person in Britain would make of the UK Gender Recognition Act 2004 and its Gender Recognition Panel…No wonder four years on that this dog’s breakfast of a United Kingdom’s Gender Recognition Act 2004 has no validity, and difficulty enjoying credibility outside the United Kingdom . . . especially with religiously conservative electorates of the self-governing British Overseas Territories whose legislators are reluctantly endeavoring to draw up and enact—as on Bermuda—long overdue locally acceptable dovetailing Human Rights legislation that complies with the European Convention on Human Rights and United Kingdom legislation vis-a-vis gender variant people…

  2. I’m sorry but pregnant “man” would have been appropriate. I remain unconvinced by the whole “transgender” issue–at least aspects of it–and a “man” who can become impregnated does nothing to add credibility for me!

  3. I’ve been watching Thomas in the news here in Canada. I am so proud of him and so happy for him and his wife. This is a beautiful thing no matter how many would like to sully it with conservative and/or narrow minded opinions. This is the creation of a brand new life! Some of the same people who are condemning Thomas and his wife are the very same folks who have no issues whatsoever with cloned sheep and/or test tube babies. Why is it so wrong since Thomas is human and has the organs to carry a human baby? Who cares what gender presented at his birth? Physical gender is only a small part of who a person actually is.

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