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More4 News reports on the Gaydar revolution

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  1. Vauxhalldave 26 Mar 2008, 5:53pm

    If it is the case that men are increasingly meeting online rather than on the commercial gay scene, is that such a bad thing? Look at the alcohol and drug problems that so many gay men deal with. I grew up on a commercial gay scene based around the sale of alcohol and drugs. I have my own problems with substances. It might be nice to meet men in places where there is not so much pressure to imbibe. The argument that somehow more access allows more sex and ‘promiscuous’ sex and ‘possibly risky sex’ and that this is a bad thing is infuriating. More opportunity to meet compatible sexual partners, may mean more partners and the potential for STIs but it also means greater ability to get the amount of sex you want, to meet more men. It means more potential to have a sex life which offers greater satisfaction in terms of amount, type of men and what I like to do. Nothing is ever black and white. I don’t want to go back to the bad old days when men met mostly covertly through cruising grounds and cottages with all the dangers that entails. Celebrate the potential that online social networking allows and stop whipping up hysteria because people may do things that you dissaprove of.

  2. I agree. The whole idea of the internet is that it was meant to empower people and, to a certain extent, that is what Gaydar has done, and rightly so. The whipping-up of hysteria is coming about as a result of a new gay elite, who seem to think it is Ok to tell the rest of us what to do.And is this lecturing about sexual health bourne out of altruism? In my experience, it is more about self-importance and power than any genuine desire to do good. Look at the anti-HIV/AIDS movement. I see a movement that bullies and lectures gay men, in an environment where the ‘gay community’ is an illusion.

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