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Paddick questions whether homophobia hurt his career

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  1. Does this gay man EVER do an interview where he DOESN’T talk about his wife? Jesus, he should have just stayed married.His book talks about how wonderful his marriage and life was with his soulmate wife and then goes on and on and on about how terrible all of his other relationships have been.It reads like a propaganda book for the “ex-gay” industry.Even now, he seems to bend over backwards to find a way to mention his wife/ex-wife/marriage every chance he gets while bending over equally as much to avoid talking about his current “partner”.I think the difference between a real marriage and a civil partnership becomes clear when a gay man can have a “wife” when he lives outside his truth but only a “partner” when he lives within it.Wife, wife, wife, wife…OK Brian, WE GET IT.You’re just a little less queer than the rest of us.