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Mayor defends project that dooms Astoria

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  1. How can anyone say that fares will increase by 30% unless we build one mnore rail line. Does Ken really believe what he says himself at time.It is a bit like Tesco saying that unless they can build one more store, prices will have to go up.Railways have been built under London for more than 120 years. The northern line was built without demolishing one single building, so if the Victorians could do it with their low tech technology, why cant we today.Maybe it has more to do with buying the Astoria and other local buildings on the cheap and building another massive sky scrapper to replace them.Is it no wonder why Ken is behind in the polls with such statements as 30% increase unless cross rail is built.

  2. It’s totally untrue that Boris Johnson and the Tories oppose Crossrail. Crossrail has cross party support.The powers to build Crossrail and take the Astoria are contained in the Crossrail Bill which is a National Bill currently in the House of Lords. It is expected to finish and get Royal Assent this summer. Whoever is voted Mayor on the 1st May will make no difference to this project starting.Ken Livingstone’s arguement is that he is more experienced and therefore better placed to manage the project as it will handled by Transport For London.The Astoria (and the whole Western side of Charing Cross Road from Goslett Yard up to Oxford Street) will be demolished to make way for a works site for the building of the station. The station is projected to take over 6 years to build and will cause massive distruption to the whole Centre Point area.These proposals were first published in 2005.

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