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Gay votes may have been pivotal in Malta election

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Reader comments

  1. We just can’t win for frickin losing!The same thing happened in America in 2000 with the Green Party Presidential campaign of Ralph Nader. Constituent splitting is the Conservatives best friend.

  2. Josep Chetcuti 21 Mar 2008, 1:15am

    There is little doubt that the AD took some votes from the MLP. But the AP is not to blame. In a democracy, every one has the right to challenge the leading parties.What is significant, in my view, was the MLP’s decision not to join the EU. Sadly, many gay men favoured the EU for no other reason but to escape the convent island. The MLP has now paid the price for its opposition and has lost much of the youth vote.And come on! Only 5% of Malta are gay. You must be joking! Homosexuality is “rampant” in Malta and not only among its priests. They simply think it will go away if they don’t talk about it.I am disappointed the MGRM did not do more to defeat the Catholic government run by Catholics for Catholics.

  3. Paul Joseph 24 Mar 2008, 3:27pm

    “Generally considered to be MLP supporters, many decided to vote for the AD.”From where did you get this? It is a well known fact that most AD voters are disgruntled Nationalist supporters. It is so obvious that even if you look at the votes AD managed to obtain you will realise that they performed poorly in the stauncly Labour Southern districts and did very well in the predominantly Northern Nationalist districts.Another thing which I would like to point out is that the Labour party is far from a gay friendly party. In the run up of the referendum campaign to join the EU, the Labour party tried to scare voters that by joining the EU Malta would be forced to accept liberal concepts such as divorce abortion and gay marriage.If you want to get to know more about Labour’s spokesmen check out the ramblings of Labour MP Adrian Vassallo (unfortunately he got re-elected) and you realise who’s the real ‘liberal’ party in Malta.

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