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New rules on HIV prosecutions released

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Reader comments

  1. “What can one do about the homophobic Cornwall police, but keep bringing it up” – Can I ask WHY you keep bringing it up? Do you have a vendetta against them, because there sure are a lot of “Anon” comments singling out this police force. Does this police force not have to follow the same laws as every other police force?Maybe you can enlighten me with some citations or facts here?

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Mar 2008, 9:48am

    Charlie, Malcolm (Anon) can point you to a whole host of comments on the internet about then, and it would appear that he is the auithor of then all.Vendetta seems to be exactly the right word. Malcolm appears to spend every waking hour populating the internet with unsupported allegations against Devon and Cornwall Police, who ironically managed to ‘fool’ Stonewall into becoming one of the top 100 most gay friendly employers – surely some indication at least that they are not homophobic to the core.I’m glad people are starting to actually question rather than, as has happened, just immediately assume that he is the innocent truth-speaking victim, who is being persecuted by evil (straight) police.

  3. I know my views aren’t popular with the HIV lobby; but as a gay man, who also happens to be HIV-positive, I welcome these new guidelines. I simply don’t see the logic in the insane argument advanced by other HIV activists and firmly believe that there are some extreme cases in which prosecutions can be justified and should be actively encouraged (rape would be one such situation).The threshold should absolutely not be set so low that we are scared to follow that most basic of human instinct – having sex – or feel forced to disclose our status to every sexual contact, or be too scared to take an HIV test .. but I can never agree that shared responsibility equates to equal responsibility, that knowledge isn’t power or that I don’t have a duty (both moral and legal) to ensure that anyone who wants unprotected sex with me is aware that the risk is somewhat more than theoretical.

  4. Sigh.. The Independent Police Complaints Commission did carry out a partial investigation of ‘some’ complaints against Devon Cornwall police in 2006…and made 22 recommendations of needed improvement in public service. Much was ignored!There was a written instruction from the IPCC (I have the letter by Anna Kitchen of the IPCC) that the IPCC enquiry report was NOT to be shown to ANY journalists or ANY civil liberties organisation!However the IPCC ignored many of the complaints or simply handed them back to the local plod…who subsequently buried them, uninvestigated!Now a European Telivision Company has expressed interest in picking up the story and to feature in a documentary on Hate Crime, the experience of young Peter, the 15yr old homeless Cornish gay youth who Cornwall police other authorities abused neglected in their failure of a legal ‘DUTY OF CARE’.

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