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Galloway claims Iran executes sex offenders, not gays

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  1. Well of course the youth was executed for a sex crime…because thats how they see homosexuality…as a sex crime!!Mr Gallowhatshisface should realise that it is only 40 years ago that being gay in the UK was a sex crime…for being gay.

  2. Darryl W Bullock 14 Mar 2008, 3:43pm

    Who cares what the increasingly ridiculous George Galloway thinks? The man becomes more and more desperate to hang on to his infamy with the passing years and dwindling ballot box returns. The views of anyone who believes that wearing a body stocking and impersonating a cat on live TV count for nowt. People are executed for being gay in Iran, and Mehdi should be granted asylum to stay in the UK. Go back and stick your head in Rula’s lap George, that’s obviously where it belongs now that your friend Saddam has gone, you silly, ineffectual little man.

  3. Galloway should pi$$ off to Iran and try to live an ordinary, western style, life and see how long it is before he’s hauled before a Sharia Court for something or other!We see women being attacked in the streets by religious police for merely wearing make up or not wearing a head scarf. Yet this total pillock thinks Iran is OK and merely misunderstood! Unbelieveble.But, juts the sort of mindset you expect from someone living in a safe, liberal democracy. He simply hasn’t got a clue has he.

  4. Is there no sex crimes against young girls in Iran? It seems that the only men executed over there for sex crimes are against young boys…..I think Galloway is full of shit and it’s about time he stopped with the conspiracy rubbish he’s beginning to sound a bit nuts!!

  5. OMAR KUDDUS Gayasylum 14 Mar 2008, 4:19pm

    Mr Galloway’s claim that gay people are not executed in Iran is refuted by every reputable human rights body, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and us, Gay asylum. There is no evidence to suggest that Mr Kazemi’s partner was a rapist or sex-abuser.I have seen the documentation, have you?So put your money where your mouth is and prove your allegations or PUBLICLY apologise.Or face the consequences, for words are cheep and your reputation is at stake.

  6. Darryl W Bullock 14 Mar 2008, 5:26pm

    Omar Kuddus has been doing a wonderful job bringing the plight of people like Mehdi to the fore. Galloway likes to sue newspapers in the UK for daring to question his links to opressive regimes dragging them through the courts and forcing them to reveal their sources. Perhaps he would be so good as to show us the evidence he holds to back up these so-called sexual abuse claims?

  7. i live in east london…..i have seen galloways followers in action here in newham.they had an offical stall at pride last year.handing out leaflets.let him show his evidence for making this statement….where is he getting it from?do not let him get away with this.let his followers know what you think of his statement!keep them out of pride!

  8. James Savik 14 Mar 2008, 10:26pm

    Galloway should be hung for treason for taking money from Saddam Hussien in the run up to Gulf War II. Even if GW2 was an unpopular war for the wrong reasons, no one has the right to make their own foreign policy and under no circumstances should an MP or anyone else money from a hostile foreign state or agent.

  9. I see you’re just allowing ad-hominem attacks on Galloway for cases not connected to this – how pathetic.The guy’s boyfriend was found guilty of raping a 14 year old. If you want to defend them that’s up to you, personally I would see him rot in jail (though not executed).If you want facts, try looking here.

  10. Darryl W Bullock 16 Mar 2008, 9:27am

    The case you refer to, Faceless, is entirely different – the page you post is dated 2005.Human rights agencies that have been consulted agree that in this particular case the alleged rape of a minor was a charge fabricated by the Iranian authorities after Mehdi’s partner was charged with sodomy and executed, to try and stem any Inrenational backlash. Perhaps you, Faceless, like Iranian president Ahmadi Nejad, believe that there are no gays in Iran.

  11. I did get the cases mixed up, apologies for that, but why you’d then think that I don’t believe there are any bum bashers in Iran is beyond me.

  12. Galloway has his eyes on the next election, Knowing that there are far more muslims in London than Gays.

  13. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Mar 2008, 7:10am

    In the scale of things faceless that was a bit of a gaffe, don’t you think? I’d be interested to know what, or who actually lead you to the incorrect news story in the first place.I think we do have to give you some credit though for holding your hands up, admitting the mistake and apologising. I wonder it George will have the balls to do the same. I suspect not personally.Having conceded though that you were quoting a completely different event, are you still of the view that George was right or wrong in his accusations against the boy who was hung?

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  16. Its quite clear who exactly george supports. Loathsome, 2 faced pig.

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