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Lords try to stop gay teenager’s deportation

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Reader comments

  1. Omar Kuddus GAYASYLUM UK 11 Mar 2008, 4:31pm

    It is about time that the EU MEP’s and Britain accepts the fate that awaits homosexuals in Iran. When is Europe going to finally wake up to this “genocide” and grant ALL gay asylum seekers, asylum , as the Dutch Government has, classifying them as a special group and needing protection and not having to individually prove that persecution, torture and executions are common in Iran fro Homosexuals.

  2. OMAR KUDDUS GAYASYLUM UK 11 Mar 2008, 6:03pm

    NEWS BREAK :DUTCH RUILE AGAINST MADHI CONFIRMEDWe have just been informed that the Dutch court has ruled against Madhi plea for non deportation.They have agreed that the IND can deport back Madhi to the UK . This has now been confirmed by official sources but we shall update as soon as we know the actual judgment and what happened today.The Fight is not yet over.The case and decision shall be taken to the EU human court of Appeals, irrespective of where Madhi, is physically in the Netherlands or the UK . As you can imagine this is a bitter defeat and the deportation back to Iran must be stopped at any cost. OMAR KUDDUSGAYASYLUM07902 452020DUTCH NEWS FLASH:Hoger beroep homoseksuele Iraniër afgewezen DEN HAAG – De Raad van State heeft het hoger beroep van een homoseksuele Iraanse asielzoeker dinsdag ongegrond verklaard. De man had bezwaar gemaakt tegen het afwijzen van zijn asielaanvraag door de staatssecretaris van Justitie. Als de man wordt teruggestuurd naar Iran, wacht hem waarschijnlijk de doodstraf. Boris Van der HamAds door GoogleWerken in het BuitenlandUitdagende Jobs in het buitenland Ierland, Spanje, UK, Tsjechiewww.GlobalJobbing.comStrafrechtadvocaten NSVAspecialisten voor heel nederland ieder misdrijf, ook pro deo.www.damman-advocaten.nlStrafrechtadvocatenAlle strafzaken in heel Nederland Teurlings Ellens Advocatenwww.teurlingsellens.nlDe Raad van State heeft zijn bezwaren afgewezen omdat de man eerder in Groot-Brittannië een asielaanvraag heeft gedaan. Ook daar werd hij afgewezen. Voor Groot-Brittannië is de homoseksualiteit van de Iraniër geen reden om de jongen een verblijfsvergunning te geven. Volgens Europese wetgeving is het eerste land waar iemand een asielaanvraag doet verantwoordelijk voor de behandeling van zijn procedure. De 19-jarige Iraanse jongen zit momenteel vast in een uitzetcentrum. D66-parlementariër Boris van der Ham gaf de zaak flink wat media-aandacht door Kamervragen over de tiener te stellen. Staatssecretaris Albayrak van justitie meldde toen dat zij er op vertrouwt dat het Verenigd Koninkrijk de man niet zal uitwijzen als zijn leven in gevaar is. Voorzitter Frank van Dalen van homobelangenorganisatie COC reageert teleurgesteld op de uitspraak van de Raad van State. „De wetgeving is duidelijk”, snapt hij. „Maar we rekenen er wel op dat de Nederlandse regering maximale druk op Engeland gaat zetten om op deze jongen de Nederlandse regels toe te passen.” Volgens Van Dalen is de kans dat de jongen in Iran wordt gedood vanwege zijn geaardheid zeer groot. „In zo’n geval als dit kan Nederland zich niet achter procedurele regeltjes verschuilen. We moeten onze verantwoordelijkheid durven nemen.”

  3. Omarqueers are stil second class (in the same category as blacks, if not lower!!)The immigration service, reacting to the propoundments of ALL governments, will be minded ALWAYS to deport (unless said immigrant has some white UK connection (e.g. great grandfather a colonist)We have to keep upo pressure through all avenues

  4. I feel terribly shocked about the decision to move this young man back to the UK. Is there anything, absolutely anything we can do?

  5. OMAR KUDDUS GAY ASYLUM 11 Mar 2008, 7:18pm

    Dear allIt is true, unfortunately, and we are all so sad. I wish there was anything we could do to keep Medhi in Holland.He will be sent to the UK within 72 hours.We need to keep the pressure up on our government, MP’s , MEP’s and HOBI not to deport him back to Iran.I can be contacted at the group page address dedicated new number for Madhi case in the UK .This can be found on

  6. lets hope appeals will keep him in Britain until he receives mercy.Apyrs, your comment about blacks is uncalled for, and not relevant to the issue of this poor youth.

  7. Omar I’ve posted it here:-You are in my thoughtsPinkpasty

  8. NikeI welcome your citations showing thata black people aren’t treated as second class by the immigration servicesb that blacks are fully equal in practice in our society.

  9. If we let him stay we’ll have thousands of Muslims claiming to be gay just to gain entrance to the UK – we’re awash with them already and they’re breeding. They represent a very serious threat to gay people. Sorry, but I think he should be turned away for the greater good and we should continue to take that line until Muslims toe the line and respect our values.

  10. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Mar 2008, 11:57pm

    Sorry Barry, you’ve lost me – what exactly is the ‘greater good’?

  11. Bill Perdue 12 Mar 2008, 12:04am

    Mean spirited racism, islamophobia and homophobia are a treacherous concoction that poisons the chances for gay and lesbian for Iranian refugees fleeing the ayatollah’s death squads. If the racists and gay bashers in government succeed in deporting Mehdi Kazemi, Pegah Emambakhsh and others to certain death and torture they’re no better than the anti-Semitic diplomatic vermin who refused asylum to Jews and others fleeing Hitler’s death camps.

  12. Barry. I am curious about something. When you were born, did the midwife drop you on the head? Just wondered.

  13. Jack in London 12 Mar 2008, 12:38am

    I reckon this is one of those times when action really matters.Find your local MP’s email address (google where you live and add MP).Then send your MP an email saying something like this… I urge you to speak out on the situation facing a young man named Mehdi Kazemi, a teenager on the verge of being sent to Iran. In Iran Mehdi Kazemi will almost certainly be exectuted. His crime?…being a gay man. Mehdi Kazemi’s partner has already been executed for the ‘crime’ of being gay.If Human Rights mean anything in this country then surely we, as a society, cannot send people to such pointless death.Add, change or completley re-write the email, but I would urge you to contact your MP about Mehdi Kazemi…

  14. A curious guy 12 Mar 2008, 5:11am

    Why didn’t this gay guy go to India or Thailand or one of the poor Eastern European countries? They do not prosecute gays in India or Thailand or Eastern European countries, do they? No they don’t but this guy specifically wants to be in Western Europe! Why? I don’t know how many gays are actually in Iran but this case can open the door for anyone who wants to come to Europe to claim to be gay! If only 1% of Iranians are gay that is about 700,000 real gays! Let alone those who will use the opportunity and claim to be gay to get a free lunch! Just a thought! PS: I noticed in the CNN video that Mahdi was standing under a cross! He is not claiming to be Christian, is he? well-done propaganda! Be wary of the fakes!

  15. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Mar 2008, 10:34am

    Immigrants make an “important contribution” to the economy and neither take jobs from native Britons nor drain public expenditure, according to Britain’s business leaders.Backing the Government’s proposed easing of some immigration rules, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the largest employers’ group, said that allowing in foreigners was “beneficial” to the UK. The CBI said that immigrants contributed £2.5bn a year to the British economy.The Independent BusinessOverall, there was an increase of 1.7 million jobs in the last decade, meaning that foreign-born workers accounted for 85 per cent of the new openings created.Daily Express (12th March 200Now the beauty of this Barry/curious guy is that all these Johnny-foreigners coming over here from Iran/ Iraq, the Indian sub-continent, Africa et al are coming over here and getting jobs as soon as they are able. They are competing with British people who probably (and I say probably) speak the language better, are more familiar with British culture, and potentially have qualifications employers would better recognise, and yet they are still hovering up all the jobs. I would guess that this might have something to do with the screwed up support we now offer the unemployable in this country that provides an advisor at the job centre who can tell our indigenous unemployable person whether they are better sucking up money from the public purse, or actually switching Trisha off and getting up off their lazy arse to get a job. All too often it would appear that massive state handouts win hand over fist.Despite what you may erroneously believe this welfare cushion is somewhat less comfortable for migrants and as a result they tend not to abuse the welfare system in the same comprehensive way that many of our own do. Ironically, as you haul yourselves out of bed at 11.30 in the morning, scratch yourself and turn the TV on again desperately scanning Trisha, Maury, Judy Judy, Take the High Road and the Paul O’Grady show for a suitable vacancy that fits your chosen career path, whilst listening for the postman to delivering your hard earned cut of the Gross National Product, most migrant have been out for some hours contributing to that benefits system that those who criticise them are all to happy to abuse.

  16. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Mar 2008, 12:56pm

    There certainly is an argument that we have enough rejects of our own, I’ll concede – if only we had somewhere to send the f**kwits to. I’d definitely be the first to offer any help you might need with packing mate?

  17. Assuming this guy is genuinely gay, and I do have my doubts, if he were merely Iranian I would welcome him. The problem is not with anyone’s race, it’s with the spreading scourge of Islam; an evil, medieval, backward religion which threatens our existence (by ‘our’ I mean gay people and British people – whatever their ethnic background). Migration is a good thing, it strengthens the gene pool, but Muslims rarely integrate so we’ll end up with an infestation of Muslims with genetic mutations. Send him back, if his Allah is real, he won’t get hurt.

  18. OMAR KUDDUS Gayasylum UK 13 Mar 2008, 4:53pm

    Galloway’s Iranian Propaganda? Anti-gay?Sex abuse allegations – where’s the evidence?Mehdi Kazemi’s boyfriend defamedLONDON, 13 March 2008George Galloway MP is accused of mouthing “the propaganda of theIranian dictatorship” after he claimed on the Channel 5 TV talk showThe Wright Stuff this morning that the boyfriend of gay asylum seekerMehdi Kazemi was executed for sex crimes (see full transcript below).The criticism comes from the gay human rights group, OutRage!.”We are calling on George Galloway to explain the source of his claimthat Mehdi Kazemi’s boyfriend had committed sex crimes and this wasthe reason he was executed,” said OutRage! spokesperson, Brett Lock.Mr Galloway also denied that Iran executes homosexuals.”Neither OutRage! nor any other human rights group has seen anyevidence to suggest that Mr Kazemi’s partner was a rapist orsex-abuser.””George Galloway has made this claim. He should now produce the evidence.””This looks like the Iranian propaganda. The homophobic tyrants inTehran frequently defame political, religious, and sexual dissidentswith false claims of rape, alcoholism, drug-taking and hooliganism.But in this case, not even the Iranian authorities have made theseallegations against Mehdi Kazemi’s boyfriend,” noted Mr Lock.”Furthermore, Mr Galloway’s claim that gay people are not executed inIran is refuted by every reputable human rights body, includingAmnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Iran has the deathpenalty for homosexuality and gay people are often tortured to makeconfessions. They are hanged in public by the barbaric slowstrangulation method which is deliberately designed to maximise andprolong the suffering of the victim,” said Mr Lock.TRANSCRIPTGG: The Independent has a story about Peers calling upon the HomeSecretary to halt the deportation of a gay Iranian. In part this isbeing used as part of the on-going propaganda against Iran. All thepapers seem to imply that you get executed in Iran for being gay.That’s not true.MW: His boyfriend was hung though, wasn’t he?GG: Yes, but nor being gay. For uh, committing sex crimes, uh, againstyoung men.MW: Right…GG: I mean, I’m against execution for any reason in any place, but itis important to avoid that propaganda.MW: So you’re saying that his guy they want to deport should bedeported because there is no risk of his sexuality.. or he shouldn’tbe deported because there is at risk?GG: He should not be deported not least because after all this Iranianpropaganda he will be accused of being the source, or one of thesources. It would be ridiculous to deport him, and I don’t think hewill be deported now.A video clip of this will be available on YouTube for a short while:

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 13 Mar 2008, 6:05pm

    Dear Editor – can I suggest if comments are removed then an editor’s note to that effect is put in their place. Recently I’ve noticed that several comment pages no longer read correctly and it appears that comments have been erased without a trace.

  20. OMAR KUDDUS GAY ASYLUM UK 8 Apr 2008, 3:53pm

    Sane old stuff/people wanting “kudddos” for they have-not done.DoMichel want me to to paste Email set toyou me be published,? Regarding Madhi. It would n be my pleasure.

  21. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Apr 2008, 5:37pm

    Maybe the way you go about it just gets peoples’ backs up Omar …. just a thought.

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