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Clinton pushes for Florida and Michigan votes to be counted

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Reader comments

  1. It seems that what is required here is a compromise between the various factors that need to be considered – i.e. (a) cost of re-run; (b) fairness to each candidate; (c) respect for the voters; (d) ‘punishment’ of the two states for breaking party rules.I think the Florida contest should stand while the Michigan contest should be re-run.(a) This solution would mean the cost for a re-run would now be halved – one re-run instead of two.(b) Clinton won the vote in Florida and that would now be acknowledge. Obama did not take part in the Michigan ballot and so a re-run in that state would be fair to him.(c) The people’s vote would now be counted in both states.(d a) The two states could be punished each with a fine that could go towards the cost of the re-run in Michigan.With this approach, no single party in this controversy would have too much to complain about.