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Little Britain and Tracey Emin raise funds for THT

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  1. As Del Boy would say, a nice little earner to add to the £12,000,000-plus a year the THT rakes in from the government and donations from the likes of the pharmaceutical industry (no conflict of interest there then), et al. But of course we must upkeep our lush new central London offices acquired for several millions two years ago, not to mention our fleet of executive cars, the topping up of the war chest needed to continue swallowing up smaller charities in order to strengthen our market dominance, and the many ‘perks’ that go hand in hand with being the arch commercialisors of, and cheerleaders for, HIV. Naturally, the celebrity luvvies who donate to this charade don’t look further than the kudos and fashionability that they perceive “giving to charity” (sic) affords them. Poor dears, how out of touch and short-sightedly virtuous can you be?