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Gay bishop rejects restricted invite to Lambeth

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Reader comments

  1. Right on Bishop Robinson!The Arch Bishop of Canterbury is a coward who should be ashamed of himself for cow towing to the hateful and murderous Bishop Akinola.How shameful to sacrifice the American Bishop and the Episcopal church (who have demonstrated a desire to expand their understanding of the love and compassion of the Christ by treating gay and lesbian children of God as cherished, affirmed and equal members of the church) in hopes of placating the people of the “Global South” and their dark ages mentality and raging homophobic bigotry.I REALLY wish the Episcopal Church would preemptively cut ties with the COE that has has treated them like naughty school children.As a former Episcopal/Anglican I say schism already.As a proud and FULLY accepted and affirmed member of the United Church of Christ I don’t miss being in a church where my existence is so controversial and my dignity is so disrespected.