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Liam Fox’s “homophobic past” revealed

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Reader comments

  1. Wow, I’m glad to see that the “non-apology apology” rhetorical maneuver isn’t strictly an American phenomenon.

  2. Well, they mostly came from here (Britain) up until the second half of the 19th century. Stands to reason we thought of it first!

  3. Liam Fox | Adam Werrity ! Tory Party 8 Oct 2011, 9:43am

    […] It is easier to find a picture of Liam with his best man Adam Werrity, than it is to find a picture of the old flâneur alongside his long time spinster-of-this-parish wife, Jesme Baird. The only one I could find this morning came complete with a banner headline underneath pointing out that he lived with Adam Werrity in a Tower Bridge flat up until his marriage. No opportunity has been spared by journalists to point us in a single direction. He is surely one of the few heterosexual Tories who have managed to generate two stories in the Pink News on the subject of his forthcoming nuptials at the ripe old age of 45, nor to have generated a quote from Peter Tatchell, long time gay activist, that he ‘is prepared to forgive him and move on’. […]

  4. Tories To Ban Fox Hunting Shock « Pride's Purge 8 Oct 2011, 10:36am

    […] The Fox (Liammus Heteromanlius) has been hunted almost to extinction lately and the Tories are worried it might disappear from the British landscape forever. […]

    1. parisaustralien 9 Oct 2011, 3:55am

      …No chance of it hiding in the bush though!

  5. Chris Myers Adam Werritty 9 Oct 2011, 6:02pm

    I’m actually quite liberal when it comes to sexual matters. I just don’t want the closeted bigoted tories flaunting their fancy boys in front of me, which is what they do.

  6. Yet another ‘bachelor’ MP to marry when trying to be leader. He joined the list including William Hague (who also takes young men on trips with him), Gordon Brown and Charles Kennedy. But, from his interviews, Fox also seemed to use his marriage as a way of killing off gay rumours. He deserves all this, if it’s true, because of his hypocritical poor gay voting history. The Guardian is making a point of talking about his ‘working’ relationship with Werrity, but his hypocrisy on gay issues should make the private relationship fair game. If there is one, of course.

  7. I’m fed up people constantly quoting Peter Tatchell. He isn’t our leader you know. Not in my opinion anyway. No offence to the man, i just don’t agree with alot of his politics and somewhat hypocritical views.

    1. Staircase2 12 Oct 2011, 1:49am

      Im not sure how the fact that you don’t ‘agree with a lot of his politics’ somehow means he shouldn’t be able to say what he has to say….

      I don’t think there’s much (if anything) that Peter has ever said which is hypocritical – he’s actually very, very consistent in the views he expresses if you bother to actually read them…

  8. And the headline is coming soon – TOP TORY CAUGHT IN HOTEL ROOM WITH MALE SEX WORKER

  9. Foxy, despite your denial, the happy and inclusive club that we are, will welcome you into the fold, once you’ve given (another) apology (in our direction) of course. Come on,step on in, take the load off. We’re waiting……..!

  10. Liam Fox falls on his sword…..finally « Representing the Mambo 16 Oct 2011, 8:02pm

    […] is sexual. It’s neither here nor there, the only real issue being Fox’s hypocrisy if he is, and previous gay-bashing. He wouldn’t be the first right-wing politician guilty of such tartuffery now would […]

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