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Comment: Florida’s governor is a hypocrite

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  1. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on my mood, I live in Florida. I am not a native and have only been here for five years. Crist is not as nice as he seems. While he may seem supportive of gay rights, he backhandedly supported a group’s decision to gather enough signatures to place an option on the ballot in the fall that if passed would place a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Of course, the rumors have swirled around Crist that he is gay, so it would not surprise me if he did support this, to offset those rumors. He is playing hard core politics. Last week I said to my partner that I know the republicans in FL are desperately looking for some way to keep the democrats from voting this fall because of the lack of delegate representation and then I read it in this article today about the speculation surrounding that possibility. Crist is not really a hypocrite he is a cold, calculating politician. By saying the dems should count the delegates, if there is no compromise, he can propose legislation, if he can find the necessary information to back it up, and that would deny the dems representation on Florida’s ticket. Think about it… if the dems continue to refuse, he can say he is just following the rules that the dems decided to enforce.

  2. Sorry but Gov Crist is no hypocrite at all. Since when do the “rules” of a private political organization (ie the Democratic Party) supercede a state’s right to determine when to hold their own primaries? (The answer btw is: since never!) Those antiquated party “rules” such as they are, give unfair preference to Iowa and New Hampshire to hold the first primaries in the nation just because “thats the way its always been done” and “we don’t want to anger those folks”). Its up to the Democrats to figure a way out of this mess that THEY made in adhering to these archaic rules. And they must do so without asking me as a Florida taxpayer to pay for their mistake in a “do over” election. They should pay for it on their own if they want to do that , thank you very much!!

  3. Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. This bill was introduced by DEMOCRATS, and DEMOCRATS were the ones who lobbied for it. Also All Democrats voted yes on this bill. So stop saying it was the Republican Governor who did this.

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