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National newspaper takes up gay Iranian story

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Reader comments

  1. OMAR KUDDUS GAYASYLUM 26 Feb 2008, 3:16pm

    Feb 26, 7:41 AM — Mehdi, Gay Iranian Teenager Is Facing Deportation From U.K. Thanks folks. From a plea to save a Gay Iranian from certain death we are back to bitching and wanting to express how much our opinions means.I am ashamed to say that on the petition only FIVE people who regularly comment and give their opinion have signed the petition.Shame on you, to the rest, or are we in the West become so selfish that we do not care about other fellow Gay human beings that are just being killed for their sexuality and that our government, takes no notice of it and condones the “genocide” that is happening.I am ashamed of being British, for the rest of the world; especially Italy, USA and Japan have done more to save a fellow homosexual than any here that have: someone who is being condemned by the British government to death.If you have any compassion or pride, you will sign the petition and ask your local MP to intervene and stop the poor boys deportation, so that a new appeal can be made, to save his life.I beg and implore you to have your voice heard, if you have a conscience, for no one should be punished for their sexuality that we so freely take for granted in the west.An update of Madhi’s case and a direct line number can be found on our Group page,, where I can be contacted at any time day or night on Madhis special dedicated number.For my comments I do not apologise..

  2. Dear OmarI feel your pain frustration, the sad fact is MOST gay people simply do not care about anything much more than lifestyle the next casual shag they pick up.Our own struggles in Cornwall(UK) against Institutional Homophobia in the police local authorities (although pale into insignificance to the fate faced by Mehdi) have highlighted the weakness of gay community today.I am hoping for a positive result for Mehdi

  3. This petition, like so many others. would carry far more weight if there weren’t so many “anonymous” supporters. The anonymous identity shouldn’t even be allowed. We are real people protesting real hate.

  4. Russell Clark 27 Feb 2008, 12:53am

    Hey, there isn’t much time here, nothing else in my life is as important right now as doing what I can to make this boy safe. If you are casually reading this, just ten minutes to sign the petition and mail like five of your friends about it, won’t cost any energy at all. I am not facing death for the way I love and I am so thankful, if we all just push NOW to get this case noticed we will prevent Madhi going to his death in Iran. Right now, in this country, the gravest situation faced by a gay person, by one of us, at the hands of this government, is that of this boy Mahdi. That is why all focus must be on preventing his deportation. Russel Clark

  5. Bill Perdue 6 Mar 2008, 11:43pm

    I glanced at the responses in the Independent and they confirm that many people are at first shocked and then outraged by the murderous bigotry of the ayatollahs. They represent the potential for the emergence of a large and growing movement to give Mehdi Kazemi asylum. However that movement will have to grow even larger to win. Pinknews readers can make an important contribution to the movement to prevent his murder by urging their unions or other potentially friendly organizations to adopt motions of support with follow-up letters to the Home Office. Additionally, readers who know ‘eminent personages’ should urge them to send a letter of support for Mehdi’s asylum to the Home Office. The best way to follow developments in this case is to subscribe to The most frequent contributor to gayasylum is Omar Kuddos who’s long term and effective commitment to fighting for asylum rights has been key in the growing movement to get asylum for Mehdi Kazemi. In spite of many blistering hate filled attacks on himself and the asylum seekers he defends Omar has risen above those sordid attacks and ‘keeps his eyes on the prize’. Omar’s a first-rate example of an honest, valuable GLBT activist.

  6. Dear OmarThe newspaper front page in the Independent is a huge result for the campaign! Let us hope it does the business.Huge Hugz Pink Pasty Peter (Cornwall)

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