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Gay equality group gets million YouTube hits

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  1. Stellewriter 6 Mar 2008, 1:59pm

    I appreciate HRC’s wanting to educate on Hate Crimes and the struggle of the GLBt. However, here in the USA it was HRC and Congressman Barney Frank who vilified and segregated the Transgender denying them any sense of equality. No less as bigoted as the racism against the blacks years earlier. They may say they oppose hate crime, yet they themselves have perpetrated, and worse, perpetuated hate crimes by their actions. Everyday is another child, teenagers. young adult, or some one who is Transgender who is killed and reported in the news. It is mayhem and HRC should at least recognize their part in the deaths. Again, I appreciate the need for Hate Crime Protection, but how about recognizing who is killing who and who needs protection?

  2. YOUTUBE as a propoganda/promotion site/tool is GREAT!I use it too! 84,000 views to date!Which is a thorn in the side to the continuining HOMOPHOBIC Cornwall police force!

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