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American Idol star stays despite past as stripper

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  1. Martigyrl 7 Mar 2006, 1:24am

    Wouldn’t it be nice if web news sites verified their news, BEFOREHAND?? I don’t believe there are 9 women, who ‘claim’ to be Claymates, who would go to such an extreme, based on a gossip rag. Ridiculous. I won’t believe it, until I see these women being interviewed, or they publish who they are, and it can be verified that it is REALLY ex-fans. Oh My GOD, what is this world coming to, anymore? Someone can post a comment on a web site,, about there being 9 women suing, and all of a sudden it is reported as genuine.Prove to me that they are disgruntled fans. They miraculously came up with 9 fans,2 with the same first name, from where??? Nobody has talked to these women, and it is all based on a statement posted by non other than Mr. Paulus himself, or someone posing as him on the PH site.Journalistic Integrity, and Class, and Truth are surely lacking these days. All you need is a story to tell, whether it be true, or not.Sad, very very sad.

  2. GOTCHA! Well….not me, but someone else did. You’ve got to admit, this one was pretty good. Not as good as when some Britney Spears “fans” filed an FTC complaint because her record label marketed her as a virgin and she turned out to be a slut – that was classic. But still, not too bad.Shame it wasn’t more funny. I give it a solid B+ since media outlets have given it so much play.

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