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Bishop stresses civil partnership is not marriage

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Reader comments

  1. On some points the Bishop is absolutely right. Civil Partnership is not the same as marriage. The article intimates that there are significant differences and I accept this.However, what this does do is illustrate a fundamental inequality. Some people are prevented from marriage, because of their sexual orientation and others are prevented from forming a civil partnership, also owing to their sexual orientation. I object to this because it the brain-child of a government that maintains that this is equality. Therefore, it is the hypocricy that stinks not necessarily the status quo.I also think that some reports in the gay media (and wider) are sloppy to refer to Civil Partnership as Gay Marriage because it sweeps this issue under the carpet. There are people who sincerely believe that the two institutions are the same.I totally disagree that Civil Partnerships devalue marriage, because of what they are, as opposed to what they represent. Arguably, what actually de-values marriages is the prevention of loving couples of all orientations cementing their commitment in the same way. i.e. a celebration of love and not gender: This could leave room for that argument that gay relationship are superior. I would suggest that superiority should never be the goal. It’s simply equanimity and equality that are crucial for a mutually respectful society.Finally, why so often do authors publish their (sometimes homophobic) views with the qualifier: ‘my gay friends….’? Do they think that this brings legitimacy to their position?

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Mar 2008, 1:20pm

    Blimey O’Reilly, a Bishop with gay friends – what a topsy-turvy world we’re living in.He neglects to tell us that he’s got them bricked up in his cellar, and only feeding them holy water and communion wafers through an old toilet waste pipe until they repent.

  3. Oh my God Sister Mary Clarence, that was brilliant! It very well could be one of the seven signs of the Apocalypes but I’m actually loving you right now. I always find it suspicious when people who are against full equality for gay people start talking about how “all” or “most” of their gay friends agree with them on denying GLBT people a, b, or c. Well I for one call bullsh*t on these people.The next time one of them tells you about their gay friends who agree with their anti-gay opinion, hand them your cell phone and ask them to call JUST ONE of their gay friends so that you can ask them their opinion on the given topic.I’ve done this MANY times and have YET to have one of them have a single gay friend that they could call. Oh sure, they’ll come up with every excuse in the world why they can’t but the real reason is 1) they don’t really have gay friends or 2) their gay friends don’t really share their opinion.This is a clever rhetorical tactic as old as Methuselah. Sadly, too many people fall for it.

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