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Lesbian magazine cover censored

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Reader comments

  1. Tell us which retailer so that we can choose not to give them our business and money in the future.

  2. elizabeth veldon 28 Feb 2008, 3:54pm

    I’d agree with that but I assume there’s legal reasons for not saying.What i find hillarious/ horrifying is that they carry magazines like Nuts and tons of soft-core in every f*cking newsagent and major store but this one is to strong?

  3. what a disgrace that they wouldnt allow this magazine photo. i think its great!!when you can drive to work and see pictures of tits almost hanging out of bra’s for obviously mens pleasure it makes me sick that this lovely picture is too offensive.we have to question have we really moved on much in todays society.?

  4. So would a boy and girl doing the same thing and in exactly the same pose cause such a ridiculous outcry? I think not…Shame on the retailer.

  5. elizabeth veldon 28 Feb 2008, 5:03pm

    debbie:well…much as it’s a nice picture I don’t think it’s that great, more a part of the ‘overfemming’ of Lesbian culture; the continuing sidelining of any Lesbian identity that dosn’t include wearing make-up.Still the baning of the picture is silly in the extreem.

  6. It was W H Smith. Another website has a statement from a spokesperson confirming this.

  7. Yeh, Ive seen that its WH Smith and t’other website that says so has a piccie of the new cover. Just the words hiding the boob is the difference. So lets all troll down to WH Smiths tomorrow and demand they take the Sun off sale as there are bound to be some boobs in it.

  8. elizabeth veldon 29 Feb 2008, 9:40am

    I’ve not saw a copy of Diva in any WH Smith in Glasgow.But then this i-s- Glasgow…

  9. FAO ElizabethWH Smith in Sauchiehall St usually stock Diva, it’s usually hidden amongst other magazines, but I like to ask an assistant to help me find it!!!This issue isn’t due out till next week sometime, so I’ll wait and see where it is.

  10. I prefer Borders because it’s proudly sitting next to Cosmo. Unlike WHSmith where they stick it away on the top shelf near the dirty men’s magazines. My flatmates thought it would be more like Nuts for women but I changed their minds!

  11. elizabeth veldon 29 Feb 2008, 4:55pm

    if they hide it then f*ck them.Barrets on Byres Road does it and proudly displays it for all to see.As for Boarders: they’ve (in Glasgow) slimmed down their ‘Gay and Lesiban’ (sic) section to porn, porn and more porn so I don’t bother with them…

  12. diva weak on lesbian rights 7 Mar 2008, 10:17pm

    Hang on a minute, no authority body told Diva not to run with the cover, because one retailer threatened not to sell this issue they SELF censored. Shame on DIVA for not copping the lost revenue from standing up to WH SMith and making a stand.

  13. elizabeth veldon 10 Mar 2008, 12:23pm

    I supose that’s what you get when you acept a mainstream, assimilationist aproach

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