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Teen’s murder outrages trans groups in Florida

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  1. elizabeth veldon 27 Feb 2008, 3:48pm

    if we are unsure for the moment about weither this individual was Trans then why do you insist on using Genderd Pronouns to describe them?They’ve already been killed, the don’t deserve to be humiliated by a Queer news agency.

  2. Bill Perdue 27 Feb 2008, 10:36pm

    There have been three murders so far this year in the US and who knows how many beatings. The rate will very likely jump, if the past is any indication, by as much as 10% to 15% because it’s an election year. Gaybashing street thugs are emboldened during election periods becasue of the steady drumbeat of hatred, lies and bigotry from christians and other hate groups. The catholic cult is especially vocal in its attacks on us to defect attention away from the fact that its priesthood is infested with child rapists. The Republicans, as usual, are going to scapegoat us and lie about our agenda for equality. And the Democrats, as usual, are washing their hands of us. To prevent the Republicans from claiming that they’re GLBT friendly (as if) the Democrats gutted ENDA and then flushed it and the Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes Bill down the toilet. And as always the Democrats refuse to repeal Clintons DOMA and DADT. Their actions send a message about us that street thugs hear loud and clear. It’s a message that emboldened the thugs who butchered Lawrence King, Sanesha Stewart and Simmie Williams. The thugs know that they have friends in high places; priests and pastors who say that their mythical god hates us, Democrats who’ve abandoned us to the thugs and Republicans willing to let a few more of us die to get catholic, baptist and mormon votes. They’re all despicable. We have a long time till November and we’ll have to watch each others backs because it’s obvious that the Democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about us.

  3. elizabeth veldon 28 Feb 2008, 11:34am

    Things may not be great in the UK but in the last few years polititions have tried to court the Queer vote. It’s all verry difrent in the USA.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 28 Feb 2008, 1:33pm

    LGBT voters in the USA should NOT support either Obama or Clinton. For decades, they’ve taken our votes for granted. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve not earned them and the only reason they’re trying to court us is that its an election campaign. What about all those years in between? Its beyond political expediency. In fact, LGBT people anywhere on the planet should not support people like this who only want us when they are running for office.

  5. Just a comment on “Clinton’s DOMA DADT”… my understanding is they were both compromises to avoid harsher measures. DADT prevented complete restriction from military service and without DOMA, a constitutional amendment – something virtually impossible to repeal – would have been more a certainty.I seriously suspect Obama will not be so protective…

  6. Bill Perdue 28 Feb 2008, 8:42pm

    Lorre, you’re understanding of the origins of DOMA and DADT is off. Way off. DOMA, the federal anti-samesex marriage bill was introduced by a rightwing Republicans in 1996 so they could trawl for the bigot/simpleton (christian, mormon and catholic) vote. The Democrats, led by Billary Clinton, were in trouble because of their support of NAFTA, welfare cuts and exporting jobs. Democrats needed the bigot vote and overwhelmingly supported DOMA in Congress. On Sept. 21, 1996 it passed 85-14 in the Senate and f 342-67 in the House. Clinton scrambled to sign it into law and immediately Democratic campaign ads boasting about their opposition to same sex marriage equality began running in bigot rich Southern States. Clinton was frantic because elections for a third of the Senate and the entire House were due on the first Tuesday of ’96. The idea of DOMA as a constructional amendment was not raised until years later. It’s wrong to characterize DOMA and the Democrats support of it as a compromise; it was simple assault and battery. DADT is a bigoted law which originated in the Democratic, not the Republican Party. It exposes gays and lesbians to violence, harassment and loss of benefits and pensions because it gives us a second class status. I don’t think any GLBT folks should be enlisting to participate in the genocide in Iraq, but if the war drags on and expands we may face a new draft and should support the repeal of DADT and call for a GI Bill of Rights. These bills shackle us as second class citizens by force of law and that empowers the violence gaybashing bigots and thugs. PFC Barry Winchell was bludgeoned to death in his barracks after DADT passed. Civilian lynchings and murders kill 20-35 of us annually in the US and that increases during elections. Democrats, Republicans and christian, mormon and catholic cultists are directly and entirely responsible.

  7. Andy Underwood 28 Feb 2008, 9:29pm

    Can someone please explain why this site has turned into a political soapbox for every fucking mouthing yank with an axe to grind. Why do they think we care?Folks, this is a British site. And, here’s a crazy reality:- its a GAY site, not your personal blog for a rant about US politics. I know this is difficult for you Americans to understand, what with your crap sense of geography and the belief that all this American is the centre of everyone’s world, but we don’t give a monkeys toss in the UK about your presidential race. I’m sure there are hundreds of US sites you can discuss the American political system till you get sick, why not run along and find them.

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Feb 2008, 1:23am

    No one can explain why Andy.Although really this should be our opportunity to stick our noses in other people’s politics and tell them how they could make a better job of running their own country, based on a few lines of text in the Daily Star and a couple of episodes of John Craven’s Newsround.Interesting that we haven’t ….

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 29 Feb 2008, 1:22pm

    Andy, so what you’re saying to Pink News is, stop publishing reports that have nothing to do with the UK? Your total lack of interest in foreign news reports affecting the LGBT community worldwide whether they are of interest to you and others or not suggests that you and they are nothing more than uninformed, narrow-minded xenophobes who can’t see outside the box, a trait of typical British insularity I’m ashamed to say.

  10. If the world (which includes the UK, on my maps) had listened to, taken seriously and/or supported gays in the U.S. in fighting in the trenches against the rePublican Party for the last decade and more — most especially since the rise of American Neo-Christian Nationalism, Tony Blair would not have had George W. (“The Wuss” — his daddy used up “The Wimp”) Bush to cuddle up with while the two of them committed the international war crimes of invading and occupying the helpless sovereign nation of Iraq. Tony would not have lead a charge into Iraq on his own, do you think? But you are probably correct after all, we have nothing to offer to’s conversation between gays in England. We should just shut up and get our inspiration without intruding on your conversation. Sorry for bothering you with such inconsequential matters as we do. Back to the provinces for this big ol’ Queer, raising the oceanic drawbridge behind me. The Wuss famously said, “Oceans no longer protect us.” The Wuss is the only village idiot who ever imagined that they did, else why have a navy or an early warning system?

  11. elizabeth veldon 29 Feb 2008, 5:01pm

    my concern here is that in our pro/ anti American standoff we’ve forgoten that a real person bled, a real person died.I had a meeting with an LGBt Leason (sp!) Officer in Strathclyde police today to breaf them before they atended a suport group I booked them for. They where talking of their growing horror at the way GenderTrash are treated. They spoke of people suffering, in some cases, years and years of violence and intimidation.Real honest Human Beings suffer through preduce and we’re to buisy talking about weither Pink News should cover the American Presedentail race.Grow up folks.

  12. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Feb 2008, 6:20pm

    Allan, I’m afraid having newly arrived, you have missed a wealth of history regarding postings from you countrymen on this site. We have been crying out for a few more reasonable thinking Americans to start posting comments to help water down the bigoted, partial and blinkered views being expressed by a very small but equally vocal contingent from the US.Instead we have endured tirade after tirade of abuse for the way we live, for what we think, for accepting second rate reforms that ironically have led to Britain being a far safer and more place for the gay community than the US.I’m sure none of us want to appear zenophobic but comments such as the following hurled across the Atlantic have not really don’t much for international relations:“They’re nothing but selfish, self-serving sycophants who would sacrifice our rights for political expediency”.And Elizabeth, you are right in what you say about us being off focus again, but I think the comments pages of pinknews have been derailed some time ago.This site has become a focal point for nutcases of one description or another, on both sides of the Atlantic, to bang on about their agendas which they tenuously link to some story or another posted on here. Whenever axes are ground, friction is caused, as we have seen all too frequently on here.Allan, I hope you do continue to keep making comments. Your comments are as welcome as everybody else’s – you having denied the holocaust, accused us of betraying our sexual orientation for booking a holiday in Ibiza rather than Cuba, or insinuated that we are islamophobic for shopping at Marks Spencer, so you not on the nutter list just yet.

  13. Andy Underwood 29 Feb 2008, 7:18pm

    Oh, boo hoo Robert, scream all you want with your handbag. What I am saying – now read this carefully your moron – is that PinkNews can report all it likes about the situation in the US, but what I’m sick of is self centred twits, i.e. like you, getting their political soapbox in the comments section. Maybe you care, as you clearly have adopted that backward kip as your country, but the rest of us haven’t and most of us don’t give a fuck about your comments or Bill’s clearly warped social commentry on the US election and his “alternatives”. There are hundreds, or thousands of US sites. Go to them. And fuck off out of this site. NO ONE CARES. Once again: N O – O N E – C A R E S. Got it?Oh, and Robert, as for your bitching queenie attack about being uninformed, you can stick them up where you clearly haven’t been fucked in a long time, you sad old twat.

  14. Robert, ex-pat Brit 29 Feb 2008, 7:20pm

    SMC, why don’t you have the guts, courage and honesty to name names? Bigoted? I think the shoe is on the other foot. You and your kind want nothing but the views [you] express to the exclusion of all others that don’t quite meet your standards, and you can’t even allow anyone from America and elsewhere to differ without some anti-American, anti-foreign rhetoric let alone take criticism of any kind, its either your way or the highway. You and others here know NOTHING about America. When did you live here and for how long?

  15. Sister Mary Clarence (SPI?)Wasn’t going anywhere, just being a drama queen (small “Q”). I love writing words.I know you meant that I *haven’t* denied the Holocaust, etc., just a typo.Let’s see, for the record, the Holocaust happened, Ibiza can’t be worse than Jamaica (world gay boycott anyone?), and I prefer to attack WalMart/ASDA.I’ve been an ardent fan of Peter Tatchell for more than a decade.Today, I will apologize for the continued existence of American Matt Drudge, the “gay-not-gay” Neo-Christian Nationalist collaborator who broke the successful media blackout, requiring the Prince to leave Afghanistan prematurely.And,, I love you for reporting how the U.S. might treat gays beginning a few years after the Democratic Party kicks the worldwide terrorists known as the U.S. rePublican Party out of office, if the coming change of power is allowed to occur.

  16. Robert, ex-pat Brit 29 Feb 2008, 7:27pm

    Andy, you are disgusting, foul mouthed and ill mannered like some others here, SMC included. You know NOTHING about me yet you resort to name calling. You give gay people a very bad name, British gays in particular. Another example of someone who can’t take criticism, your insecurity is very apparent and lack of education and upbringing equally so.

  17. Andy Underwood 29 Feb 2008, 7:40pm

    Actually, Robert, from having to suffer your insipidly boring and conceited comments over the last few months, its clearly YOU who has an issue with other who have “other views” to yours. And education? Please, you clearly got yours off a long distance “learning” site, you demonstrate nothing but the ability to rant, time and time again. You clearly have no education yourself or you’d be able to listen to others without your bile pouring over the keyboard. You’re just up your own hole with your own bluster.Your arrogance simply because you are “older” is insufferable, and, to be honest, grossly unwarranted. All you are is a bitter old queen and a sad one at that. Glad you in the US, you both deserve each other. Further you are from the rest of us gay people the better, mincing dried up old bitches like you are ten a penny, and your sad insults don’t have any weight over me. So, again I say this because its clearly at your own level:- fuckoff.

  18. Ciaran McMahon 29 Feb 2008, 8:01pm

    I see Robert is back again with the usual:- if you don’t agree with Robert you are:1. Not as educated as Robert2. Homophobic3. Xenophobic4. Not as “worldly” as Robert5. Narrow minded.6. All of the above and ill-mannered to boot.Seriously Robert, are you that insular that you can’t see that people are entitled to an opinion without you (and your daft sidekick Commie Bill Bolshevik) insulting the hell out of them.This isn’t your site, Robert, and people should be able to say what they want, irrelevant if they differ from your opinion, without you trying to bully them. You claim to be intelligent and educated, but quite frankly, your words don’t reflect this.Might I suggest you look a little more inward to see if you can address the cause of this bitterness and need to be “right” all the time. Time to grow up and act the age you claim to be.

  19. Robert, ex-pat Brit 29 Feb 2008, 8:10pm

    Andy, whoever you are, whatever you are, you sound just like your sidekick, SMC. BLah, blah, blah!!! Foul mouthed and name calling is all you know how to retaliate when you feel inadequate. Ditto Ciaran! You’re no psychoanalyst either! Seems like I hit a raw nerve and getting closer to the truth! From now on, I’ll ignore you and everybody else, YOU too can rant all you like, responding to your mindless drivel only enables you, but I won’t lower myself to the foul language and denigration of another’s sexual orientation as you are so adept at when addressing me.

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Feb 2008, 8:11pm

    That’s right Robert, all my fault. If you want names named then:“They’re nothing but selfish, self-serving sycophants who would sacrifice our rights for political expediency”.Robert, ex-pat BritThe above attack was not an attack on me as an individual if you remember, but an attack on those living in the UK collectively, because we dared to voice an opinion that differed to yours on marriage versus civil partnerships.“You and others here know NOTHING about America.” I certainly don’t purport to know much about the States, which is why I haven’t offered a daily running commentary of the US presidential elections, and why I haven’t shouted down anyone that posts an opinion differing my daily running commentary. It is logical to me that those living in a country will know more about that country and its current affairs than I will. I and a number of others have attempted to make that point to you and some of your cronies when you’ve spouted nonsense about goings on in this country.Your arrogance is laughable when it comes to civil partnerships in the UK. You have misrepresented them again and again even when you’ve been proved wrong you dispute it. You may have lived here once, but you don’t anymore. Your knowledge of this country has dwindled. Daily reference to Wikipedia and Fox News doesn’t make you a native again, nor does popping over of an overnight once every leap year and buying a postcard of the Tower of London – just like the Abercromie Fitch T-shirt I’m wearing on my back doesn’t make me a Yank.I am certainly not anti-American, but I am anti the type of person that thinks they can come lauding it over us telling us we are selfish, self-serving sycophants. That you cannot see that one by one your conduct is turning everyone against your brand of America, it very telling. I work with many people in the States and have a number of (American) friends that still live there. There are all generous and warm people. I never hear them run this country into the ground, although we often talk of differences. You truly are their antithesis.I really wish you would go and grind your axe somewhere else.Apologies Allan – typing turns to shite when I’m annoyed (not with you of course).

  21. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Feb 2008, 8:17pm

    Closer to the truth? Closer to the truth? That’s it Robert, the entire site might be against you, but you’re right and we’re all wrong.I cannot for the life of me understand how your head is working.

  22. Ciaran McMahon 29 Feb 2008, 8:17pm

    “Seems like I hit a raw nerve and getting closer to the truth!”No, Robert, it seems everyone else has hit a raw nerve with you. What truth could you possibly be referring to, the fact that you’re clearly un-hinged?Please. I wont debase myself to your level of petty insults to me. Unlike you, I am better mannered. But its clear now to us all that your are a boorish, self important, melodramatic wind bag.

  23. William - Dublin 29 Feb 2008, 8:22pm

    Robert, I have to agree with the others. The insults from you are quite reminicant of Bill Perdue.Surely you are entitled to make a statement, and another entitled to disagree, without referring to them as “uninformed, narrow-minded xenophobes”. Such insults do noting for your credibility. In fact, they are just symptomatic of bullying, and bullies have no place on a gay site, god knows we have enough enemies among the straight population without adding gay bullies to the equation.

  24. Andy Underwood 29 Feb 2008, 8:30pm

    Well, Robert, such an “educated” response to me and the others on this site. When you stop your little drama queen tantrum, do come back with a meaningful statement, one more fitting your conceited arrogance than the offal you’ve been delivering.Up to now, you’ve proven to be nothing more intelligent than a piece of shit I would scrape off my shoe.

  25. Thank heavens for that! At last some principled regulars here have finally decided that they have had enough of the conceit and arrogance of a tiny minority of people here.I have always found this site to be a useful place to sound off about the issues that concern us as gay people and, in general, I have found people here to be tolerant and willing to share differences so that we can all learn.However, over the last few months, I have noticed a tendency towards a type of extremism in a similar vein to those extremists and bigots who oppose us and who wish to damage our rights, interests and wellbeing. This has occurred to such an extent, that I am beginning to wonder which group of bigots is worse. I would suggest that they are as bad as each other.It’s all rather sad really; Bill Purdue’s rants show a shocking ignorance of the many complexities of human nature and the role of religion throughout the ages, while Robert, in his attempt to hide his own lack of intelligence, resorts to wilful ignorance dressed up as conceit and arrogance.And there is another user of this site, whose lack of civility and respect for others has already led to us agreeing not to comment on each other’s comments (if that makes sense).Please, let us all share our views, but do so in a measured and mature way.

  26. William - Dublin 29 Feb 2008, 9:39pm

    “Please, let us all share our views, but do so in a measured and mature way.”Well said David! Some people here could do well to follow this well put sentiment.

  27. William - Dublin 29 Feb 2008, 9:44pm

    Oh, and Sister Mary, I’ll say one thing, you always bring a smile to my face with your posts, they’re always so funny. You should be writing for a news paper or something, you’re wasting your wit in here, my friend!

  28. David S – And there is another user of this site, whose lack of civility and respect for others has already led to us agreeing not to comment on each other’s comments (if that makes sense).I presume you’re referring to me. I certainly have not agreed not to comment on any of your posts if I feel so inclined.And who are these “others” that I have a lack of respect for (and on whose behalf you feel eligible to speak?). The only one is that marxist Bill, and I’m hardly alone there.Just for the record, it was you who made the idiotic comment that the persecution of gay people in Iran was nothing to do with religion.I ridiculed you for that and would do so again. I took the time to substantiate my assertion that religion had everything to do with it.Instead of debating the issues I raised, you started whineing and demanded an apology.But be assured, if I want to comment on anything I will.

  29. Bill Perdue 29 Feb 2008, 10:41pm

    Robert, Allen, Twisted Sisters claim that nobody’s interested in US politics makes him a minority of one. The rest of the world, including the editors of pinknews, disagree and that’s why they feature dozens of stories about the US every week. Twisted sister predictably lies when he claims ‘I am certainly not anti-American…” During the parliamentary debate on hate speech Twisted Sister, as always, came to the aid the rancid antigay politics of the Conservatives. When people on both sides of the Atlantic criticized him for it he tried, as he’s doing here, to deflect the debate from his reactionary politics by attacking US GLBT activists. Instead of sticking to the issue, the rancid gaybashing politics of conservatives, he said “It beggars belief that you spend so much time running down this country when there are so many issues with your own.Independence was probably the best thing for both our countries. You are all free to sit out on the stoop, playing your banjos and swigging moonshine…”. He’s repeated the same sentiments several times. He’s trying to equate criticism of Conservatives with criticism of England. Robert, when you identified Andy, Ciaran and Twisted Sister as speaking with the same voice you hit the nail, or should I say the homophobe, on the head. The only mistake you made was to leave out William the Dunce. You were getting the ‘treatment’; personal attacks meant change the subject because Conservatives, Republicans and other gay bashers want to hide their politics. I agree with you statement that “Seems like I hit a raw nerve and getting closer to the truth! From now on, I’ll ignore you and everybody else, YOU too can rant all you like, responding to your mindless drivel only enables you, but I won’t lower myself to the foul language and denigration of another’s sexual orientation as you are so adept at when addressing me.” Twisted Sister, as you say, is a homophobe, and whether he’s a straight troll or not is immaterial. He’s a Conservative, and Conservatives are antigay. Robert, if you notice I don’t get involved with debates with christian trolls and I think you’re right that we should ignore Conservative trolls as well.

  30. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Feb 2008, 11:04pm

    Thank you William for your comments – I have to say I hold exactly the same view about yours. Your posting are articulate and erudite and you always make your point extremely well.Allan, let me introduce our friend Bill. Bill has for sometime been the US ambassador to pinknews and as such has done more (or less) for US foreign relations than George W Bush, and probably his daddy before him combined. Most of the hostility shown towards anyone and anything American is a product of the sheer frustration at our all too frequent liaisons with Bill.I can only apologies for the open hostility that we sometimes show and the only explanation I can offer is Bill.Bill thinks the whole world hates us and is our enemy because we are gay. The reality is of course that the whole world hates Bill and is his enemy AND he is gay.Bill has thrown every insult now as seems to be on re-runs. He is an irritation but personally I find it quite empowering that he has clearly run out of insults and is forced to re-hash old ones again. Takes the sting out of it I find.If Bill doesn’t like you, he will accuse you of being me. Don’t worry about this half the users on this site are me in Bill’s eyes.The best thing to say is that Bill is a real character. You could write a book about Bill, albeit a boring one, but a book nonetheless – however nobody ever will.

  31. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Mar 2008, 1:55pm

    Bill, thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.As for SMC’s remark….”You are all free to sit out on the stoop, playing your banjos and swigging moonshine…”.Bill, that reference is nothing more than overt racism, but what can you expect from conservatives?

  32. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Mar 2008, 6:08pm

    Robert, my seemingly poorly educated friend, the comment “You are all free to sit out on the stoop, playing your banjos and swigging moonshine…” is actually prejudice, not racism.I’ve no doubt that since being extradited from the UK to the States you too have learned to play the banjo, between making out with your sister and drinking moonshine, although I suspect it may have been her drinking the moonshine to dull out your continual whining about civil partnerships.And while we’re quoting people Robert, let’s once again revel in the quality of your debating skills ….“They’re nothing but selfish, self-serving sycophants who would sacrifice our rights for political expediency”.Classic, absolutely classic!!

  33. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Mar 2008, 6:41pm

    Well then SMC whatever ridiculous name you call yourself, you’re prejudiced then, nothing new for a conservative, but racists are prejudiced either way which is what you are and your disdain and contempt for foreigners who don’t concur with everything you say is evidence of that. In your narrow view of the world, nobody, not even a British citizen is allowed to criticise the things that are wrong in his own society. I am NOT your poor educated FRIEND either, typical of your condescension and air of superiority.

  34. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Mar 2008, 9:16pm

    Robert, please don’t try to drag any one else into it (‘contempt for foreigners’), it’s contempt you, and the very few people like you on here, who damn others for preferring civil partnerships over marriage, don’t support the IRA’s fight for a united Ireland, or don’t think that Gibraltar should be handed over to the Spanish unless its people wish it to beAll of which opinions are based on a couple of lines you have read on the internet, equipping you with the authority you believe to be judge and jury over us all.It will be a cold day in hell before I give a flying f**k what insipid trash like you thinks of me. I am sick to death of you and your Commie mate slagging off others for holding different views from your own twisted ones, then trying to turn the tables and blame others for being narrow minded when you’re challenged.Any reasonable person who have picked up after the hail of comments directed at you on this thread alone, that your views are somewhat out of touch, but heavens to Betsy NO – couldn’t be you in the wrong. I’m sure the thought has never even entered your head.

  35. SMC, I always appreciate your mature and balanced approach to the issues that are debated on here. And, for those that don’t, take a look at this:

  36. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Mar 2008, 1:44pm

    SMC, typical foul mouthed bile coming out of your disgusting mouth. You can’t conduct an argument without resorting to four-letter expletives that clearly demonstrate your lack of adequate vocabulary.Another thing, as for this “poorly educated” Brit whom you label as such, for your information I did quite well in school, though you would beg to differ.1966: O-level passes (University of London syllabus)while I attended the Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone, Kent:BiologyDutch(self-taught)English LiteratureFrenchGeographyGermanHistoryItalianLatinRussianSpanish1968: A-levels:FrenchGermanItalianS-level:GermanB.A. University College London, transferring to Goldsmiths’ College, London in 1971, combined honours French German,1972.M.A. Birkbeck College, London, German, 1974.Very poorly educated indeed and obviously so much more inferior to your own.

  37. William - Dublin 2 Mar 2008, 5:34pm

    Oh, another classic rant of dribble from Bill Bolshevik Perdue the imbecile. Well done Bill, more people are all the same person again? Why? Because we’re more edcuated, literate, intelligent, and mentally balanced than you…. if that logic was applied, half the planet are the same person. No one believes you, you’re a fool. A dull and stupid fool.How about Bill, another stupid rendition of (a) the political system in the US which we don’t give a f*ck about or (b) your retarded, fascist and misinformed opinion on Ireland. Always worth a laugh.And Robert:- That list of qualifications doesn’t make you right, nor does it give you the right to bully people with insults like “homophobic”. I actually have far more qualifications then you, and at a much higher level, but I wouldn’t insult my degrees by listing them on a website to make a point. Education is a means of enlightenment, a lack of such produces people like Bill Perdue, and simply having one is not a logical argument for proving as point in a debate. In fact, it is the opposite.What’s disturbing is that both you and Bill spend all your time backing each other up… and Bill have been proven to be a racist, a fool and a bully.

  38. Ciaram McMahon 2 Mar 2008, 5:45pm

    Okay, folks, its BINGO time! Lets play, tick off all that apply:Has Robert the cow-pat, sorry ex-pat, come up with another argument of ignorance based on the fact he thinks you are:1. Not as educated as Robert2. Homophobic3. Xenophobic4. Not as “worldly” as Robert5. Narrow minded.6. All of the above and ill-mannered to boot.And for extra points, see if you score with Billy Bolshevik:1. You are the same person as every one else who uses this site that has a moderate view2. You have had your name corrupted into a silly insult3. You are a conservative4. You have not acknowledge Bill’s account of US politics.5. You mentioned you didn’t CARE that you have not acknowledge Bill’s account of US politics.6. You are a conservative7. You are a conservative8. You are a conservative9. You are against equality10. You are a conservativeNow, shout “HOUSE” if you get them all!

  39. elizabeth veldon 2 Mar 2008, 7:29pm

    I refer to my earlier post:A REAL person bled, a real person died and you lot are more concerned with scoring points off each other.way to f*cking go.Who needs the Gender Police when we’ve got friends like you lot.

  40. elizabeth veldon 2 Mar 2008, 7:38pm

    Infact no I’ll go further:The rest of of the ‘Queer’ population (I’d call it a comunity but that’s a fUcking joke) have a habit of ignoring violence against Trannies. Well nothing’s f*cking changed has it? Rather than talking about the story itself you’re bitching amongst yourselfs. Grow the f*ck up and start treating other Queer people with respect rather than indifrence.This person was killed and you lot are standing over the corpse arguing about who’s the most Queer. You, at the moment, make me sick.

  41. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Mar 2008, 9:21pm

    Elizabeth, I hope you’re not turning into another one with an axe to grind

  42. William - Dublin 2 Mar 2008, 9:57pm

    Elizabeth, I understand your concern. However, I doubt you yourself could be indifferent when certain people on this site chose to ignore civility and manners in favour of insults against you, your right to free speech and your country? Perhaps yes. I, however, won’t sit by and watch fellow people (straight or gay) being assaulted by Bill and this troup. Some of the people here are only defending themselves from bullying and name calling from a racist and offensive minority, and I cant blame them. You say the rest of the queer population has the habit of ignoring violence against Trannies… I’m sorry if you believe that. I don;t believe that is so. We all have a risk to our lives, health and well-being, agreed Trans people have it worse. But don’t be so quick to tar everyone with that stick. Some people here genuinely want to discuss the issues which affect our lives as LGBT people, and swap ideas and support, but instead have to spend their time defending themselves against the tirade of extremist political nuts like Bill Perdue who use bullying and racism to feel one bit better about their pathetic lives.And lets face it, we have enough people on this earth to bully us without having to face the same from other queers on a gay site, simply because they didn’t take their medication this morning. Perhaps you can help this site return to what it was by standing up to them, rather than adding to their feverish shrills by saying we’re all “sick”.

  43. elizabeth veldon 4 Mar 2008, 5:39pm

    i apoligies for my outburst.I often get posters mixed up on this board Bill…Racist.I think I know who you mean.

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