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Police appeal in toilet murder investigation

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Reader comments

  1. Gino Meriano 20 Feb 2008, 2:29pm

    The Charity Gay Surrey are working alongside Surrey Police anyone who wishes to report anything third party can do so via email to or through our website

  2. its scary to think that here we are in 2008 and still people make up their minds to go out and target us. They make a real choice to go and hurt and in this case kill. To all local authorites, be it Police or councils take gay hate seriously. It can kill!!! Stop this now. What a terrible waste of someones life. My heart goes out to his family and friends. It also proves to me that gay meeting places, should be policed to protect, not to harrass. And to all those out there that judge, trying meeting some one in any other place other than a gay bar, and see what happens? This is why areas are needed so we can be safe. Meeting in the day to day areas that straight people meet does not wortk for us, and not all areas have a gay bar. My nearest is an hour and a half car journey away. Nothing local. Crusing area serve a purpose to a group of society that is constantly on the look out for that next thrown fist, hateful words or at worse a blade.

  3. The problem is…even the Gay Police Association is reporting rising numbers of homophobic incidents carried out BY POLICE OFFICERS!Until police forces (like Devon Cornwall Constabulary) tackle honestly openly the homophobia of police officers as reported by gay people…until then there can be little faith in the police.

  4. Scary to think that in 2008 gay people are still being targeted?!C’mon – it was more than likely a closeted homosexual who stabbed Peter Jeffrey Akers.Equally important is that the victim was having casual sex (although in a relationship) in a *public toilet* in the day – any young person could have walked in.In this day and age there is no need to cottage, unfortunately some perverts still do.

  5. “Equally important is that the victim was having casual sex (although in a relationship) in a *public toilet* in the day – any young person could have walked in.In this day and age there is no need to cottage, unfortunately some perverts still do.”And you know that he was having casual sex how? The police report said nothing of the sort. And your use of the word “perverts” says a lot more about you than about suspected gay men. “Unfortunately some gay men still do” will do just fine.

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Feb 2008, 10:24am

    Gino Meriano, chairman of Weybridge charity Gay Surrey, said this type of activity was not unique to the gay community.He said: “I want to stress that it is a meeting place for both opposite and same sex couples not just gay people. It is actually a meeting place for both sexes.”Mr Meriano said it was up to everyone in the community to work together with the police to prevent further attacks of this kind and to encourage victims of hate crime to come forward. He said: “As much as you can throw caution out there and can give out as much information as you like, it is an individual’s choice to meet people in this way. The only thing we can do is raise awareness.“If you are going to be doing this, tell a friend and make sure somebody knows you are doing that.”He said it was difficult to prevent people engaging in this type of sexual activity and shutting down the public toilets may not be the answer.He said: “It could be a fetish, engaging in outdoor activities. They may wish to be trying activities but they may be in a relationship. There are hidden agendas, which maybe they can’t take home.“If you shut it down another one will open. I’m being completely realistic about it. There are so many cruising grounds, how are you ever going to prevent that?”Gay Man Stabbed To Death In Public ToiletSo it does seem that PJW is not the only one that suspects there’s more to this than the victim spending a penny and being set upon.I think we all have to accept that a large part (possibly the largest part) of our community does feel that life has moved on somewhat since the days when there was arguably a need to have sex in public toilets, and that to continue to do so it distasteful and to some degree perverted.I am well aware of the arguments made in some quarters, often those that live in rural areas rather than metropolitan ones, that cottaging is the only way they can meet people, but it is often difficult for those living in large towns and cities to understand why it is necessary. Particularly when the practice in larger towns and cities is often undertaken by people who get a thrill out of the danger involved.Clearly no one will know what exactly happened until all the evidence has been collected and the accused has been tried.However, the Chair of Gay Surrey seems to be fairly clear about what the victim was up to, as reported in the press, so Allan you may do well to take up the issue with him directly.

  7. It is not acceptable to label this murdered gay man a “pervert” because one decides that he was having sex in this public toilet on the day he was murdered.Out of common decency, give some time while his dead body cools before calling him nasty names and accusing him of corrupting children while in a relationship. Convicting him publicly of the crime of public sex (it is rightly a crime) isn’t fair; at least wait a bit until there is some proof through witness testimony or some other means.This man’s murder cannot be truthfully labelled as a murder which occurred while he was having toilet sex. That is not fact, that is assumption. No one, not even the Chair of Gay Surrey who decided to use this man’s murder as an entree to point out that “hets do it too”, should be encouraged to pile on so quickly simply because he is dead, and not here to defend himself.That same assumption is disgusting when it is carried to the extremes of the previous commenter (which is why it must be discouraged), who couldn’t help but also indict the murdered man for coming close to sexually corrupting imaginary children, and for having done all of this while he was in a relationship. As of yet, I haven’t seen any mention of this murdered man’s “relationship”.Because of my own ignorance, I should also have said “unfortunately some gay and het people still do.”Hello across the water, SMC.

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Feb 2008, 6:39pm

    Allan (hello from across the other side of the water too), I’m not particularly wishing to take anyone’s side on this, I was just point out that the Chair of the local gay group, was taking a not dissimilar view that the guy was actually cottaging.He may have been, he may not – we will indeed have to wait and see, as you rightly point out we will over the murder issue as well.The local papers do report that he has a partner of 22 years though.

  9. Enough out of me. In the last couple of days two more transgendered people were murdered in Florida, and that just after the 15-year-old out gay boy was shot dead in his classroom for it. I will own my extreme sensitivity here. Love out to you, UK.

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