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Homophobia accusations over rejected sauna bid

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Reader comments

  1. Surely were it to be granted permission it would be discriminatory or does this come under a different agenda.

  2. Of course it’s discriminatory! There’s a lot worse allowed for the (so called)straight world, and Blackpool can hardly be seen as a city of virtue. Gay visitors contribute a lot to the Blackpool economy, so perhaps it’s time for a boycott?

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Feb 2008, 10:33am

    The planning committee were obviously worried about the loud music and bottles and glasses getting broken outside. Not to mention the drunken fights and couples having sex on the bonnets of cars in the surrounding street.Oh no, f**k me, that the hundreds of late night drinking venues that they have been happy to grant licences to.Not sure how the sauna would be discriminatory. I’m sure any straight boys walking in there would be made just as welcome as a gay one (maybe even a bit more).

  4. how the the council be been discriminative, it would have been discriminative to have passed this sauna when every saturday night in the last month the new lady mayoress has ordered her enviromental health and police to raid every other massage parlour and sauna in the town in order to “drive them out of town ” was her words, we no longer require these type of venues in the resort, so if shes trying to shut down the existing ones, it would not be fair to allow yet a further one to open.i don t believe homophobic had anything to do with it, i think a straight sauna, a couples sauna, oriental asian etc would have got the same response………

  5. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Feb 2008, 12:30pm

    Jake, have you any idea on what basis she is having them raided – is it drugs, or does she think they are selling sex, or something else?

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