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Cornwall Pride to parade through Truro

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations well done on the ‘NEW’ 2008 Cornwall Pride Group for ‘picking up the torch’ from last years 2007 successful Cornwall Gay PRIDE Beach Day Picnic, which was held at Hayle Beach.(Regrettably last years 2007 Cornwall PRIDE steering group, made up of gay men, gay women gay youth, disbanded as a DIRECT result of Cornwall police conduct, attitude practises targeted at some gay people, which seriously put last years Cornwall PRIDE Beach Day in jeopardy. Despite complaint, the IPCC still refuses to investigate Cornwall police homophobia, but that is idicitive of the corruption within the police system today!)The LGBT history of Cornwall is a fragile thing due to a long history of Institutional prejudice in the County, in particular by homophobic Cornwall police.The ‘Women’s Acorn group’ ‘Cornwall Lesbian Line, (20 yrs strong!!!)’, women’s rock band ‘OUT OF THE BLUE’, in conjunction with the Cornwall LGBT newsletter ‘ICT’ Cornwall HIV/AIDS Council Ran during the 1990’s, very successful LGBT ‘PRIDE’ fetes several years running on a farm in west Cornwall, attended by hundreds of lgbt people.(as featured in GT magazine one year!)However, it is with caution we should ponder before embracing those financial commercial and/or authority interests who previously voraciously discriminated against gay people (ie. and in particular:-Cornwall police). Some of these organisations now wish to be seen (on the surface) as being ‘GAY’ PC, and yet police ( others) dismiss the pioneering efforts of LGBT (Men Women) Cornwall equality activists campaigners of recent past, effectively trying to write them out of local gay history.The Intercom Trust has a LOT to answer for their ostracising gay lgbt people who do not embrace the homophobic Cornwall police force!Good Luck the NEW 2008 Cornwall Pride.Good Luck ‘OutPlymouth’ Gay PRIDE 2008 on the Hoe!

    1. Pink Pasty 1 Jul 2011, 2:21pm

      Interesting that Cornwall police have such a sway of influence over Cornwall’s Pride, that many older lesbians & gay men who actually campaigned for gay equality during the 80’s & 90’s are NOT WELCOME at Cornwall’s (not-so-gay) Pride. Some Lesbian groups, HIV/AIDS awareness organisations, gay artists & even a gay poet…have all been excluded from Cornwall Pride 2011

  2. I only heard about this event amonth after it happened says alot about cornwall its a dump really andthe people running the county have zero interest in it, pathetic as well I think that in the 21st century folk have to do a march thro towm to make a statement, I am not sure who hasnt moved on, I dony have any gripe with the police, they have more to worry about than they ever had, and there are a lot of gay police in cornwall, grow up and move on or move out, from what I have seen the folks that have a gripe with the police, are the ones that are ignorant of the law for everyone and think they are special, well wake up and smell the coffee, as a so called gay man I am fed up with being associated with idiots that get themselves into trouble and bang on a drum for pity and sympathy when in fact they are antigonistic and pigheaded, they do not speak for they majority and should shut up or go independant,

  3. Pete, your quite right about ‘ignorance’ of the law.

    Unfortunately it was Cornwall police and not gay persons targeted by police who were the ones ignorant of the law. The gay person targeted had committed NO offence & had acted completely within the law, which is why they were not charged or prosecuted.

    There was overwhelming evidence & witnesses to the false allogations being made against gay persons in Cornwall, but the police are so homophobic & corrupt (still) in Cornwall they choose to try to ignore the evidence in order to persicute gay people.

    That is a fact of the abuse carried out by police in Cornwall against gay persons.

  4. Tired of the lack of accountability of police! 6 Mar 2010, 12:32pm

    It took TWO years, but Cornwall police finally admitted in writing, that there was evidence that the allegation made against the Chair of Cornwall Pride Beach Day….WAS FALSE!

    However, he had attempted suicide as a direct result of the Cornwall police prejudicial & homophobic conduct.

    This video barely scrathces the surface of institutional homophobia in Cornwall.

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