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Interview: Gays and the United States military

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Reader comments

  1. Until my country gives me full rights of citizenship and access to all of the rights, privileges and benefits that come with that citizenship, I have no desire to fight to protect those rights and benefits for others.Here’s something that I think is being lost in this Don’t Ask Don’t Tell discussion. With the current war on there is a lot of talk about reinstituting the draft. Of course with the sexist laws concerning drafts and military service this won’t affect lesbians but, with the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, gay MEN could be forced to go and fight for a country that doesn’t even consider them worthy of the rights that they will be expected to fight and die for.NO F’N THANKS!

  2. the USA, the land of the free…………as long as you are white , hetrosexual, young, rich and well.

  3. Dominick J. 26 Feb 2008, 11:32pm

    As long as the Religious Right has their stranglehold on the United States government there will be continued harresment from their ignoance, arrogance and misinformation, all the while they have their Gay sex right under the noses of everybody! But I’m pretty confident their reign is coming to an end!

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