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Australia Debates Same Sex Marriage

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  1. The very reason for marriage is reproduction. Same sex marriage is a disgrace to the mankind and is fruitless.Just imagine if everyone was a homo a few generations before, the earth will be empty by now.I cant understand how educated and forward countries and people can think like this.Instead of being ashamed of it, asking publically for approval is not natural.Im my opinion it is dishonouring the laws of nature and the creator.

  2. Oh,dear,not another mentally-ill, religious person. Poor Joe, with his references to the ‘creator’, is clearly deranged!

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Mar 2008, 1:25pm

    Joe Schmo, whoever you are, if marriage is the very reason for reproduction, then you might as well ban straight couples who can’t have children or don’t want them, as well as prosecute unwed mothers. You DON’T need marriage to reproduce. You probably believe in that ridiculous nonsense about Adam and Eve. If you recall, Eve was condemned to bring forth children in pain as a result of her tempting Adam in the Garden of Eden, nowhere in Genesis does it say that they were married. If you can prove otherwise, please provide the evidence. Don’t forget, for their progeny to have peopled the earth, they would have had to have engaged in incest. How’s that for starters?

  4. Can i just say that we are not living in the ages of BC anymore? and since when was discrimination of any kind deemed acceptible by any standard of religion? Denying same sex marriage is as degrading and discriminatory as supporting black slavery or sweatshops. GROW UP. EVERYONE has the right to love and happiness and just so you know, not everyone is homosexual and not everyone will be in the future. So there’s no way that the planet would empty or whatever the hell it was that was said before. Not everyone beleives in ‘the creator’ so why sould everyone adhere to ‘rules’ instigated by one?

  5. joe your a dick. marriage is for love not reproduction more than half the world have children before marriage.marriage is a promise to love someone forever not to have a basketball team of kids

  6. Oh dear, here we go again!Joe, please, just go away. Live your life according to your conscience and just mind your own business.

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