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Israeli politician claims gays cause earthquakes

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Reader comments

  1. Someone should tell Maurice Mills that the gay friendly neighborhoods in New Orleans were among the least damaged by Katrina…

  2. Why are demented people like this allowed to have a public voice, even power over people, when they are clearly lacking any sense of morality.

  3. He’s clearly nuts!

  4. I didn’t realise that being Gay gave me such powers! I must start using them, let me see where shall I start first?Abracadabra, zap, there, I’ve done it, hang on nothing happened, the Houses of Parliament are still standing!? Drat, try again…abracadabra……!

  5. we also do great interior design. Know how to stage an excellent dinner party. Can clean for the whole world, and in some lucky lucky cases, we can even kiss our own arses.

  6. The earth moved ! wow ! The Israeli ultra orthodox member of parliament knows the power of a gay orgasm.

  7. Is there a way this guy could be deported to Hamas?

  8. So what was his sin that gave him the bizarre skunk hair? Surely the Torah must have an answer.

  9. Where have been the most serious earthquakes recently? Indonesia. Oh wait, that’s a Muslim country…. although their Government is not homophobic, their religious leaders are…Wars? Where did the first recorded genocide take place? Canaan. Oh wait, that’s part of Israel now, and the Jews did it. And they are still at war with their Arab and Palestinian neighbours… although their Government is not homophobic their religious leaders jolly well are!Where are HIV infections at their highest? Oh right, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe, largely due to the influence of community and religious leaders who urge abstinence and ban condoms… and it’s a homophobic country, and so is Zimbabwe How about floods? Well historically the worst floods and typhoons have been in China, wait, that might be a godless country according to their government but it isn’t gay friendly at all and those religious leaders (usually Christians) that do speak up are as homophobic as the others so far…and Buddhism and Taoist leaders there both disapprove of LGBT peopleFamine? Ethiopia, Bangladesh, China, North Korea (in the late 90’s nearly 3m died of famine there). Homophobic countries? Of course!So earthquakes, wars, pestilence, floods and famine are acts of God as punishment for allowing LGBT rights?I think NOT!!!

  10. Well, I didn’t have much luck ridding London of the House of Commons using my secret Gay powers but I did discover I could:Turn water into wine – just think of the money I could save!Walk on water – a really useful Gay trick that one!Fly about on my magic mop – beats queuing at airports!Earthquakes, well I’m working on that one Rabbi.

  11. Huh. I guess as a gay man, I’m living in the wrong part of the world. I mean, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand must be absolutely TEEMING with homosexuals, as surely the 2004 tsunami is also a sign of God’s wrath.

  12. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Feb 2008, 12:58pm

    JOanna, thank you, well put.

  13. I want you all to know that at last I was sucessful in creating an earthquake as many of you will have experienced last week.It took some doing but after some hocus pocus and a few Gay like, “Ooo, look at ‘er” I finally managed it.I’m working on my technique and with the help of a gaggle of old queens should manage a Tsunami rushing up the Thames by the weekend!

  14. Be very careful what you say about this man…he indeed comes from the loony religious claque of Jews similar in nature to the infamous Kahane.Not only are these people pressing the military action for the slow genocide of the Palestinian arabs, who are both Muslim and Christian remember, but they are likely to insist on the deportation back to the West bank and Gaza of the young gay arabs who are being given refuge in Israel from the murderous homophobes of Fatah and Hamas.

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