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DUP minister calls gay rugby “apartheid”

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 20 Feb 2008, 7:54am

    Edwin Poots is a member of the Democratic (sic) Unionist Party (DUP), a hate group camouflaged as a party. The DUP promotes hate campaigns against the Irish and the GLBT communities, has deep roots in fascist politics and is closely connected to murder squads. The DUP is rightly compared to US ‘bible fascists’ like Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps. Irish President Mary McAleese compared the DUP to the Nazis and the KKK when she said “”They gave to their children an irrational hatred of Jews in the same way that people in Northern Ireland transmitted to their children an irrational hatred, for example, of Catholics, in the same way that people give to their children an outrageous and irrational hatred of those who are of different colour and all of those things,” she said. In fact the DUP itself has systematically tried to impose an apartheid system on the Irish, attempting to exclude them from jobs, housing and educational opportunities. The DUP’s system is an example of real apartheid, similar to the apartheid system imposed on Palestinians by zionists and apartheid in South Africa. The hatred and bigotry that the DUP directs against the GLBT communities is notorious and implacable. The team’s organizers explained that “Yes, it was primarily something established as a vehicle for gay people but that doesn’t mean somebody who isn’t gay can’t join, everyone is welcome.” Now that Pootsie knows that he can volunteer to be their towel boy and launder their uniforms. He can even have free sniffs if he wants.

  2. The Minister should talk with the gay community, and ask us why we feel the need at times to create social and sporting oportunities within the community. Or maybe he should discuss this with all the out gay sports people across a range of different sporting events and competitions in the mainstream….ah no he can’t because on the whole, there aren’t any…and why not?

  3. He’ll be demanding his right to march through their changing rooms next.

  4. Of course, his party preaches nothing but hatred against gay people, but beside the fact the rugby club does not discriminate on any grounds whatsoever, remember that Ulster is built on segregation.Edwin Poots is a young earth creationist who believes the earth was formed “about 4000BC”! brainwashed with faith from birth. see link:No point talking to nutcases like this.

  5. jerry pritikin/ Chicago 20 Feb 2008, 3:36pm

    One of the best things to happen to me in my adult life, was to be part of the first gay softball leagues in the USA. It was in the early 1970’s in San Francisco. There were guys and girls who wanted something else to do beside go to gay bars on the weekend.The league started 6 teams that were sponsored by gay bars. With more players each year the (GAY)Community Softball League expanded… but with expantion came controversy… straight players. The league became one of the best competitive softball leagues in the city. The Championship trophy became a coveted prize, and some teams “recruited” straight players. However, some gay players complained when they found themselves sitting on the bench. I had mixed emotions… but enjoyed playing on a teamthat had many non-gay players. They brought their wives, girlfriends and children to the games. In 1978, a new league was formed…The Gay Softball League for “Gays” only. That same year our team won the right to represent S.F. in the Gay World Series at New York… but was kicked out for having too many non-gays on the roster. It is now the 21st century and I honestly believe that being gay does not make one a better athlete…(or politician) but I understand the need to want to be with our “own-kind”… looking back, for me it was the best time of my life… having straight friends with something in common is natural… in life and sports… and makes for a better understanding that is the hallmark of a good community.

  6. A bit rich coming from a member of a party that encouraged apartheid based on religious grounds for decades!!

  7. I agree with him tho. I dont see why we should have to start seperated sport clubs. Instead, we should come out and encourage people everywhere to do so. As well, focusing on diversity programs to diminish homophobia in sports is much more helpful than encapsulating oneselve.

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