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Charity welcomes landmark cyberbullying conviction

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  1. Cornwall police when dealing with a similar complaint issued just a verbal caution to a person who had made the following threats below;-“Oh right so it it u gay boyU just wait till me nd J**** B********* and A***** B******** nd crazy see you cause we r going to kick the living shit out of ya you f*cking w*nker. U betta hope that we neva see you again cause you will be in hospital and i mean it cause I will put you there and when u get we will be there waiting 4 u.J**** said tht he will break your f*cking neck A**** will break your legs nad crazy will…break your jawBEST HOPE WE DON’T SEE YOU F*CKING TWAT HAHAHAHA”The gay youth who the above messege was sent too had already been homophobically abused by police (for having ‘Blue Hair’) and had witnessed a violent assault upon two gay/bi persons, which police AGAIN handled HOMOPHOBICALLY.This was last year.In 2005, 354 homophobic incidents were reported to Devon Cornwall Constabulary (source:-Criminal Justice Service Lord Justice Kay award), but only 13 of those cases were finalised in Court. Many were NEVER investigated properly by police at all, such is the Homophobic attitude practises in Devon Cornwall Constabulary.

  2. Charles Vallario 19 Feb 2008, 8:52pm

    When I was younger I was outed by someone I was infatuated with,a schoolmate (now I think about it and the guy had very bad hair and had a sissy baby brother, who knows maybe destiny paid him back?). Can’t do much now because he has business dealings with my brother and my brother does not know about it. Would have loved for something or someone to have done something about it. So kudos to the brave boy who took the bully to court and may he always be successful in his endeavors.K from America

  3. Emma STorey 27 Feb 2008, 1:10pm

    Regarding teh homophobic behaviour of police comment. I am a Gay Liaison Officer based at Great Yarmouth Police Station in Norfolk and I can honestly say that on the whole,my colleagues do NOT display homophobia towards the public. It is a shame that one incident gets put up here.I can also advise that if any one DOES experience this from police officer, then to REPORT it and it WILL be fully invesigated.We strive to banish th emyths that persist between police and lGBT community, and i welcome any comments on how things can be moved forward to assist relationships. Our main aim in Norfolk is to get people suffering homophobia TO COME FORWARD and report it.Please give us a chance.Emma

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Feb 2008, 5:04pm

    Emma, you will find that one or two incidents get put on here again and again and again. Always by the same author, who has been known (I believe) to post as someone else who then corroborates his own story.My experiences of the Police in Southwark (and Lambeth for that matter) have always been extremely positive and the treatment I received when I was a victim of homophobic assault was exemplary. Through the entire investigation and successful prosecution I could not fault any of them.

  5. HiPlease do not post lists of names on this website. Tony

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