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Beckham team mate’s same-sex kiss excites gossip sites

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Reader comments

  1. That’s kinda gay.

  2. How does this article in any way shape or form relate to David Beckham? It’s shoddy tabloid tactics to try to make this non-story interesting by adding a household name to the title. Raise your game Pinknews, or loose credibility.

  3. Any outings like this are worth reading. However tenuous the link to anyone. David would be proud of this I am sure!!

  4. Shame on Pink News for it’s complicity in creating a climate of fear around coming out. Publishing this photo is beneath contempt and proves that the slime of their true nature will always ooze out from under the mask of a journalist’s claims of political integrity.

  5. Beckham’s Former Teammate Guti Caught Kissing a Man? « The Outskirts 28 Jul 2008, 12:23pm

    […] (Pink News)The former England captain has been supportive of the gay community, appearing on the cover of attitude magazine and speaking of his respect for close friends Elton John and David Furnish and his pride at being regarded as a gay icon.   […]

  6. ade - indonesia 12 Nov 2008, 1:03am

    Well, Pinknews… What can I say… You’re just doing your job, aren’t you? Whether or not you can keep up the cridibility… the gossips and rumours have to go on, right? By the way the French, Italian, Arab men (and those in other muslim countries),they do kiss each other you know, and sometimes on the mouth just for bonding and showing how they care for each other… sooooo are they homosexuals?!? :-)

  7. I agree with Ade. It’s a bit sensationalist. Isn’t it just nice to see a man being able to be open about expressing friendship (or more) to another man. I have mates in martial arts who are straight and yet will hug and kiss my fellow team mates. I KNOW they’re not gay but I respect them even more for being uninhibited about demonstrating their feelings.

  8. According to Wikipedia he’s been divorced for over a year! Anyway who’s business is it as to what the guy does. Black mark to PN for this non story.

  9. Ohh pook, I did not realise that this story was over 2 yrs old when I posted my earlier comment.

  10. I’m really no expert, but judging by the uncomfortable angle of the kiss, the moment in time frozen by the camera was probably no more than a peck… don’t you think? Still, it’s nice – makes me feel all warm inside .(-_-).

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