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Clinton tries to lock down gay voters

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  1. Hillary’s husband signed the Defence of Marriage Act. He could have vetoed it and challenged Congress to pass it over his veto, but he didn’t. Neither Clinton has EVER taken a brave stand on any issue. They always pander to what they perceive to be public opinion.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Feb 2008, 5:44pm

    Stranger you are correct. Further, she nor Obama support FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY but prefer to do what the UK did, settle for the lesser civil partnership alternative by keeping us separate in a different category and believing it is equal, which we know it isn’t. SEPARATE is NEVER EQUAL, no matter how you try to justify it. Try segregating the straights from a law that would give us more recognition than them and you’d see how fast the government would act to resolve it. People who think they have their equality are delusional and in denial. They know it and its why they bash people like you and me because in reality, the truth always hurts.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Feb 2008, 5:47pm

    Dear Editor, maybe you and a few others are fortunate enough to be able to use the site in th customary manner. Since yesterday’s technical glitch, I still cannot access Readers Comments bu clicking on “Click here to read and make comments on this article”, nor can I access “Recent Comments Across” unless I scroll over a comment, right click my mouse and select “properties” which opens a window display an article’s URL address that I have to then copy and paste to my browser to open and comment on. Something is very wrong with the website. It is not emanating from my end. Yours is the only website I have problems with.

  4. Bill Perdue 12 Feb 2008, 7:04pm

    The Democrats and Republicans won’t budge on samesex marriage, antidiscrimination bills and anti hate crimes bills because they can’t. They are both simply handpuppets for the ruling rich and do what they’re told. They ignore votes, public opinion and even the law. The next period in American politics will have some of the characteristics of the period that preceded the Civil War. That period was characterized by an inability to to create a solution to the slavery question. They weren’t unwilling to do it, they were incapable of it. It was also a period during which the ruling parties shattered. The proslavery Democrats splintered and the Whigs disappeared. Currently the Democrats and Republicans are self destructing because they’re pushed policies that have led to an absolute disaster in the Middle East. Their oil piracy is genocidal (1,000,000 plus dead) and the sheer mass of the hatred their policies have engendered for us is very dangerous. They can’t win and they can’t get out. The twin party’s bipartisan support for the ruling rich has thrown the US economy into a steep nosedive. The ratio of national earnings to savings went negative last year for the first time since 1930. The ration of wealth of the rich vs. working people is approaching 1929 levels. According to analysts at KC Labor”at the end of the Nixon-Ford administrations the top one percent of society owned about 19 percent of American wealth. This group did better under Reagan, moving up to 32 percent. Today the share of this super-rich stratum is nudging forty percent – twice the rate under Gerald Ford. That’s the greatest concentration since 1929 – a year of some historical significance… Collectively the top twenty percent have about 85 percent of the wealth.” In addition there are insoluble problems with the infrastructure, the environment, medical care, and the effects of bigotry and racism. These problems are only solvable by a party controlled by unions, the heavy infantry of social change, and by the GLBT communities, minorities, immigrants, people for socialized medicine, the antiwar movement, and etc. That party will not sprout up and win the 2008 elections. After the elections the backstabbing will continue and people will begin to leave the Democrats in droves. Then we can move to organize them into mass movements and into the union led and funded US Labor Party which is ever so slowly (sigh) crating an electoral challenge to the twin parties. What used to be problems are turning into crises which are getting deeper, intermingled and less solvable. The twin parties offer no hope but presently are only in the initial stages of shattering. The conservative Republicans will be hit hardest and first and then it’ll be the Democrats turn. In the meantime, a vote for them is a vote for war, gaybashing and economic chaos

  5. LOL! Where did you cut and paste that load of crap, Bill? You talking about the Labor Party with only 5000 members? And we’ll all rise up in revolt behind this so called party?Are you serious? Is this a piss take? The main parties are not perfect, but you’re seriously delusional if you think this Labor Party uprising is going to happen! Waste your vote comrade, if you want, that party is nothing but a fringe sect. This isn’t Cuba pal, time to wake up and go easy on the poppers!

  6. Bill Perdue 13 Feb 2008, 9:43pm

    Another fictitious twisted tory twit, ‘Ted’, tells a few lies, engages in a hilariously clumsy personal attack and ignores the politics. Sound familiar?You tory retards really ought to invest in a dictionary of American colloquialisms and idioms if you’re going to try to imitate one of us. They must have one down at Thatcher Central, otherwise how could they understand their marching orders from Bush. When your script for “Ted” asks “Is this a piss take?” it reconfirms that you’re ham-fisted dunces. Americans would ask if you were joking or “pulling my leg”. The only thing you got right was using “pal” instead of “mate”. Perhaps if your thinking apparatus’ weren’t located at the bottom of your descending colon we wouldn’t have to hold our noses when we read your fetid little droppings. Now we can add ‘Ted’ to the ‘IGNORE” list of Conservative twits. In terms of politics I’m sure Huckabee and Clinton will welcome tory support. You Conservatives are after all their (very) junior partners in opposing GLBT equality and promoting racist islamophobia and you certainly deserve each other.

  7. William - Dublin 13 Feb 2008, 11:02pm

    Beautiful, Bill. Indeed, simply beautiful. Ted is ANOTHER Tory our to get you. Let me guess, he’s actually Sister Mary? Right? No, Luke. Or is it me? Or all of us? No, that’s not right. Its Luke AND Steve 1, isn’t it? Or is that Steve No. 2? Confusion rains supreme. Classic!You really should seek help, you clearly suffer from three of the seven recognised forms of paranoia: persecutory paranoia, reformatory paranoia and delusion of grandeur. Thats quite an achievement, most people only suffer from one or two.Might I suggest Thioridazine, Bill. You’ll be right as rain in no time.Still never got around to actually showing us all the quote form Luke that “proves” he’s a “apologist” for the church, did you? More lies Bill? I think so. So many lies Bill. tut tut. Bill, didnt you parents bring you up to tell you lies are wrong? Perhaps you owe Luke an apology for telling lies about him? No? Back to the paranoia then….

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 14 Feb 2008, 12:14am

    Ted, serious? I’m afraid he is. We’ve had a near continuous flow of this slurry for months.Having now posted an opposing view to his, you have been defined in his twisted mind as a Tory, and most specifically a Thatcherite, because in Bill’s mind’s myopic eye all Tories are Thatcherites.As William has alluded to in, Bill’s fragmented reality you will not actually exist but merely be another persona that I have assumed. William, Luke, Steve, Steve 2 and Thomas are all other personas that I apparently adopt. There have been others along the way too.It all sounds a bit complex, but as a simple rule of thumb anyone offering a different opinion to the one that Bill holds immediately becomes 1) a Tory troll and 2) me.Welcome to the comments pages, and don’t let him get to you – you are as entitled to comment as anyone else.Cheers

  9. Well, Bill, cheers for the stereotypical dumb ass response I’ve come to expect from Americans, all paranoia and egocentric. Not everyone who lives in the US is a yank, Billy boy. For your information I was born in Gibraltar, and Ted is short for Edward, shortened for twits like you who can’t handle too many letters in a name. So how abouts leaving the vernacular assessment of my English and heritage aside for one minute, and answer the f***ing comment you moron.William and Sister Mary, while I love the idea of being you both, this Bill isn’t paranoid, he’s a nutjob.

  10. Sister Mary Clarence 14 Feb 2008, 4:10pm

    oh Gawd, Ted – you’ve done it now, you’ve gone and mentioned Gibraltar. Bill has issues in relation to Gibraltar – big issues!!!Clearly, you’re hell bent on annoying him!!!!!I have to say I am very impressed though with the time it has taken you to see him for what he is.

  11. Yes Ted, welcome to the party. You know you’ve arrived when the resident Marxist calls you a Tory Troll or accuses you or being Sister Mary.It’s impossible to debate rationally with him (Lord knows we’ve tried). Last time I took issue with some nonsense or other, he replied “Luke does indeed defend clerical rapists”.I asked him to quote where I’d said anything remotely like that and needless to say he hasn’t replied since.Sister Mary and William have had likewise.As for you coming from Gibraltar Ted, that should be enough to set off a tirade against the evil English imperialists.Wait and see!

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