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Archbishop unerpentant over Sharia comments

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Reader comments

  1. His reaction to the outrage he’s caused just goes to show how very out of touch both he and the Church of England are.Whilst the vast majority can see just how dangerous the very thought of Sharia is, they continue to bury their collective heads in their Prayer Books!The joke is, if Islam were ever to gain considerable power in the West it will be the Christian Church (as well as Jews) who will suffer most at the hands of the Mullahs who will doubtless be calling the shots.What a silly Dhimmi he is!

  2. Vauxhalldave 12 Feb 2008, 10:58am

    I thought it was obvious that this was a way of justifying his assertion that religions should have special exemption from laws that they consider go against their beliefs. Yet more pleading to be exempt from treating gay and Lesbian people with decency etc. This archbishop is no friend of gay men and Lesbians. The argument that people could have free choice to choose religious or civil based courts is obscene given the social and cultural pressures and the social control religion exerts. It is the disenfranchised who would be forced into religious resoloution or face familial, religious and cultural isolation, violence or death. I believe there is no place for a parallel system of religious law or exemption for religious belief from secular or state law. These pleadings should be critisised no matter how “intellectual” or “good” the proponent is supposed to be.

  3. this appears to be working now

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Feb 2008, 3:36pm

    Dear Editor, I for one still can’t access comments in the normal manner since yesterday. Why do you keep saying that its working? Maybe for you and some others, but not for all of us. This happened yesterday and its the same today, before that I had no problem. I’ve checked popup blockers, my firewall, your website has full permission. Now I have to scroll my mouse over a comment, select properties, copy the URL of the particular topic/comment and paste to my browser to open it. Never had to do that before. Its hit or miss now if my comment gets posted using this laborious method to get to comment. For now, its not resolved for many of us.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Feb 2008, 3:38pm

    Williams should read the following article in The Independent.

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