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Huckabee endorsed by evangelical Christians

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Reader comments

  1. As I’ve often said, the idiots will always gravitate toward the most moronic. Huckabee is a disgrace for America, it’s embarrassing that such a “highly civilized” stands a chance at a position of power. If he was elected we all might as well just leave, he will make it very hard for gays and lesbians here.

  2. “Furthermore, his comparison of homosexuality to paedophilia and necrophilia is as ignorant as it is offensive.”unless paedophilia is recognized as queer, and welcomed under the umbrella of queer sexualities, morons like Huckabee will continue to mobilise public anxiety by using paedophilia as shorthand for generic evil.sexual abuse and sexual attraction are separate issues. there are millions of caring, empathetic, law abiding pedophiles in the world, just as there are millions of straights who rape children.get with it gay people.

  3. James Savik 8 Feb 2008, 8:55pm

    Huckelberry’s cozying up to all of the wrong people: Dobson, evangellicals, pro-family teleevangelists that pay for sex with manwhores and do meth…What worked in the eighties is going nowhere fast now.

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