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Gay couple victims of intimidation campaign

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Reader comments

  1. Sadly this reminds me of my own experience when myself and my (now deceased) partner, who was then blind, had petrol, dog excrement, hate mail death threats put through our front door, the house car graffitied.Our local police reaction was and I quote;- “YOUR GAY AND ONE OF YOU HAS HIV/AIDS, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT”Tragically, this is STILL the common place mentality attitude, reaction practise experienced from our local police towards homophobic incidents in 2008 where I live in the south west of england!At least the Irish police seem to have responded.

  2. Omar Kuddus 8 Feb 2008, 7:17pm

    My sincerest sympathies, as in this day and age there is no excuse for homophobia, and I hope that you are utilising the full extent of the law to get the justice and protection that you need.Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance, if we can help, in any way that we can at marking it for my attention.

  3. snap, five years of intimidation here. Partner also disabled, in the heart of lovely rural UK. Enventually offered to be rehoused, guess where? Right next door to a part of a family that the council knew had harrassed us in the past. Have put in planning to build temporay accomdation to get us the hell out of here. Rejected once by guess who , yes the local council. going for appeal,if we fail, who knows, suicide??? Gay friendly UK is a JOKE?

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