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Homophobic Islamic cleric to be extradited to US

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  1. Omar Kuddus 7 Feb 2008, 8:37pm

    Thank you Home Office.You know I would never say that, but in this instance, for once you are doing the right thing, and perhaps whilst there he may learn the true meaning of Islam, which never advocates violence or hatred.He is just an evil man with his own “agenda”, and has for years tried to influence his beliefs and interpratations on those gullible to listen to his hatred.

  2. bye bye, dont bother with a postcard

  3. Just once – just for one day – could we possible go for a full 24 hours without hearing the word Islam or Muslim? I’m getting sick of it. No other so called religion gets this much press attention.Is this just a case of “all publicity is good publicity”?

  4. I have just one thing to say to Abu Hamza: “Sling yer hook!”

  5. I never knew a half blind, armless homophobe could be so dangerous! I hope they serve Imam Hook pork chops for dinner and play Christmas music 24/7 at the max security prison there. I was gonna get him some fridge magnets of some naked boys as a going away gift… oh well I didn’t! May Allah bless you Hamza!

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