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Hate preacher refused UK entry visa

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Feb 2008, 1:32pm

    Good to hear that the Home Office made the right decision and I congratulate everyone involved with that. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

  2. At last the government has acquired the balls to keep these deeply unpleasant kind of preachers out of UK!There’s a “heated debate” going on about this at:

  3. I am delighted this wicked and evil cleric is being denied entry. Quite honestly he should NEVER, EVER have been allowed into the UK in the first place.As for the reactions of the supposed “moderate” Islamists in this country it only goes to show their absolute schizophrenia when dealing with Muslim sponsered violence.Here is a man who openly spouts hate and death yet all we hear now are comments about HIS human rights!What were the moderates in the UK doing and saying when two Downs Syndrome women were USED as “suicide bombers” in Iraq only last week? NOTHING!What were the moderates in the UK doing and saying when an Afghan Court and even government were condemning a journalist to death just two weeks back for downloading women’s rights material from the internet? NOTHING!What were the moderates in the UK doing and saying when that suicide bomber murdered an innocent Israeli woman last week in southern Isreal? NOTHING!YET, these self same “moderate Muslims” have the cheek to condemn us for keeing out one of the most evil and wicked clerics in the Middle East! They even try to say the BNP are inciting murer and violence when in fact they are doing nothing of the sort. If they were then be assured this Dhimmi government would be down on them like a ton of bricks.No, until “Moderate Islam” gets a grip and pulls its head out of the sand ordinary people like me will continue to applaud when people like al-Qaradawi are denied yet another platform in the West in which to spout hate and violence towards Jews and the Gay community.

  4. Dominick J. 7 Feb 2008, 3:51pm

    I’m sorry I don’t feel the same as you do here, so far. Yes he’s a despot, but we can’t be as ignorant or arrogant as he is and deny him medical treatment. To stop him from entering the country is one thing but to deny him medical treatment is not right. In my opinion anyway.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Feb 2008, 4:23pm

    Roberto, right on! Totally concur! I have to give Cameron some credit for this. I was watching live parliamentary broadcasts earlier this week wherein he chastised Brown over this and [his] refusal to give a simple answer pending Home Office procedure. One of the rare occasions I give credit to a conservative. As for the moderate islamists in the UK and elsewhere, there is never a peep from them, let alone any from the socalled “christians” both here and abroad. I believe in the addage, silence gives consent.

  6. “Dominick J” – I would be the very first to agree with you IF the only country in the world that offered medical treatment was the UK. The fact is it isn’t and many Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia have first class medical systems. Thus this evil bigot should go there instead.His only real interest in attempting to come here in the first place is to get the sort of response from “liberals” you make and stirring up further debate about just how hard done by the Religion of Peace is in this wicked liberal democracy of ours!

  7. I’m happy to see that Great Britain hasn’t yet fallen completely under control of Islamists.

  8. Omar Kuddus 7 Feb 2008, 7:32pm

    I disagree, as him living in Qatar means that he is entitled to receive his treatment anywhere in the world and the state itself regularly brings in specialists to help deal with medical issues and emergencies.One has to draw the line that expresses concern that sometimes homophobia is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.The question I would then put would be would any of the Gulf States allow an openly anti-Islamist into the country if the circumstances were revered.The public outcry would demand that the “infidel” was not allowed in, as you are well are.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Feb 2008, 7:33pm

    Patrick, that day will never come and the best way to ensure that is to get rid of pro-islamic appeasers and gay baiters like Williams and his ilk. He’s out of control and needs a reality check. Time for him to go find a real job. Its time the people woke up and put an end to state religion thereby putting and end to their power and control they have over us. They contribute nothing to society, all they do is take our taxes and thumb their noses at us and plead for exemption from the law affecting the rights of Gay citizens. Enough of that crap! Get rid of them once and for all.

  10. Rev. James E. Brooking 7 Feb 2008, 8:27pm

    The mayor must have his head somewhere other than on his shoulders. To equate a visit from the pope and Qaradawi is clearly evidence that the mayor is clueless. While the pope may not approve of homosexuality he had never called for homosexuals to be put to death. Mr. mayor….get a grip!

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Feb 2008, 8:51pm

    “Members of Imaan already face Islamophobia within the LGBT community and beyond as a result of increased stigmatisation of Muslims in the press and by some politicians”What do these people expect? Why weren’t the socalled moderate UK muslims not demanding a ban on his entry into the country if they claim they care about respecting others and not supporting the execution of gay people? This only proves they support everything this cleric stands for and others like him.As for the comparison between the Pope’s visit and Qaradawi, I say ban all religious leaders. They come here to stir up trouble particularly when its election time to influence voters in areas such as abortion and gay rights. This pope is going to the U.S. in April, an important election year in the country. His visit is nothing more than a veiled attempt to give support to the right wing (conservatives) jesus freaks, pro-lifers (antiabortionists), misogynists and antigay baiters. Maybe he’s not calling for our execution as his muslim counterparts are but his intent is to do evil deeds in other ways, make no mistake about that. He’s done it before and he’ll do it again. Why do you think Italy gets nowhere on gay rights? The Italian government is in lockstep with him, even more so if Berlusconi returns to power. Religious leaders need to be put in their place once and for all.

  12. Tatchell lives in his own fluffy little world. It’s time this evil pseudo-religion was exorcised from our society.

  13. Bill Perdue 8 Feb 2008, 5:27pm

    More often than not I agree with Tatchell and look to his website for valuable analyses of events and political trends in England. But I’m not with him on this. I don’t accept the idea that war criminals, genocidal criminals and those who willfully organize the murder of GLBT folk have a right to live, much less get medical treatment. Humanitarian care should be reserved for humans, not sociopaths. They’re criminals and should be treated with the utmost harshness. I would no more aid one of them than I’d lift a finger to aid a Nazi or a child abuser. In this case, since Yusuf al-Qaradawi is not only a gay basher but a ‘man of faith’ I think his medical treatment should be limited to the tender mercies of faith healers and shamans. That way he can preserve his pristine state of superstitious rightwing irrationality and get the kind of treatment he deserves.

  14. Bill Perdue 8 Feb 2008, 5:45pm

    “It’s time this evil pseudo-religion was exorcised from our society.” That’s exactly what the Nazis and the Spanish Inquisitors said. All religion is a terrible menace to human society. That includes the christians, especially the child abusing catholics and the zionist and other rightwing components of judaism. All of them are unreconstructed gay bashers.

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 8 Feb 2008, 6:22pm

    Bill, Qaradawi has no reason to come to the UK for medical treatment. WIth the billions those oil rich nations have in their coffers, they are more than capable of providing some of the best health care money can buy in their own backyard. I suspect his proposed visit had other motives. Why the UK of all countries, why single us out? In this case, the Home Office made the right decision, for once.I too have the highest respect for Peter Tatchell, a fine example of what being human is all about, but I differ from him on this one. I don’t think anyone who survived the holocaust would be happy to provide health care for their former would be executioners, do you?

  16. Robert, ex-pat Brit 8 Feb 2008, 6:25pm

    Bill, all religion should be exorcised permanently. They are irrelevant, anachronistic, superstion-based, sociopathic, antisocial, primitive, undemocratic and bad for modern society. Force them to go out and find real jobs and pay taxes like the rest of us. Nothing more than parasites sponging on society.

  17. Omar Kuddus 8 Feb 2008, 7:01pm

    Robert , to the point of repeating myself, There is no need why he should, as Qatar does not have to send him out of the country for medical treatment. Qaradawi was born in Egypt before moving to Qatar. On June 5 2006, on the Al Jazeera “Sharia and Life” programme he regularly features on, al-Qaradawi reiterated orthodox views on homosexuality. [20] When asked about the punishment for people who “practise liwaat (sodomy) or sihaaq (lesbian activity)”, al-Qaradawi replied: “The same punishment as any sexual pervert – the same as the fornicator.”The reason why he is getting treatment , paid for by Quatar, is because of its medical policy of:The State of Qatar is dedicated in extending all possible help and assistance to its citizens both within the country and abroad. Emanating from this approach the Government of the State of Qatar through its health system sends Qatari patients abroad for treatment of those acute cases for which no satisfactory medical treatment is presently available in Qatar. In order to be able to serve our patients better, this office was created in 1996. It was really a milestone in our efforts to link the medical facilities of Qatar with the leading hospitals and medical research institutions of the United States. This office provides multiple services aiming at making the experience of the Qatari patients and their families a comfortable and pleasant one as far as possible in terms of providing the necessary care and attention, fulfilling their needs and creating a congenial atmosphere for them throughout their stay . Some of the services that this office provide are listed below:- i1. Medical coverage to Qatari patients sent by the Qatar Medical Board and the Diwan Al Amiri. 2. Medical coverage for emergency cases to all Qatari citizens. 3. Medical coverage to Qatari students in the United States as per respective rules and regulations. 4. Organizing crash courses for the staff of the Hamad Medical Corporation at US Medical Universities, leading hospitals and research institutions both in the medical and administrative fields. 5. Arranging visits to Qatar of leading US physicians and surgeons to provide consultations and perform surgical operations to patients in Qatar. 6. Forwarding medical reports of patients undergoing treatment in Qatar to doctors of high repute in the US for second opinion. Capital Punishment still exists in United Arab Emirates (as in Mauritania, Nigeria , Somalia, Iran , Saudi Arabia, , Yemen ) for homosexuality.The US does not want him and neither does a section of the British population, so not to let him in (and go to Europe if he must travel out of Qatar), is the right discussion.Again, there was more to the decision of sending him to Britain than was made out, and I guess we shall never know the true full reasoning behind the decision

  18. Robert, ex-pat Brit 8 Feb 2008, 8:20pm

    Omar, thank you. I head read your previous posting on Qaradawi. My gut feeling is that he intended coming to the UK for reasons other than health care. However, since he was banned from the U.S., why would he have singled out the UK as the next best option when there are better health care systems such as that of France, reputedly having the best health care delivery in the world according to the World Health Organisation, or Sweden perhaps. Makes no sense. In any event, I’m heartened that the Home Office refused his visa.

  19. sorry pete, luv ya, but this time I dont agree

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