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Keep up to date with Stonewall’s work for gay equality

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  1. Omar Kuddus Gayasylum uk 6 Feb 2008, 8:15pm

    Stonewall, though instrumental in bringing the plight of the gay community into the forefront and trying to achieve equality has a long road ahead of itself.It would be unfair or untruthful to say that, during its history it has not made concessions and compromises and with all the recent new laws being passed , to inshore that the gay community is treated with equality and not having to settle for compromises and alternatives, it is time that it stood its ground and demanded that we are all treated equally.The Laws passed (and in Process) of Parliament inshore that this is possible and so does the EU laws that apply, so it is time for Stonewall to stand up and fight and demand that equality is achieved and that discrimination in whichever form becomes apart of history.There are lots of issues that Stonewall tends to avoid, including discrimination towards individuals and also the plight of Asylum seekers, especially from countries that support capital punishment for homosexuality, but Stonewall tend to avoid or not get evolved, despite it effecting British nationals.Another example would be Peters plight in Cornwall, where it chose to ignore the situation, and one that could have (and has partly now, been by myself) rectified, by bringing it to the governments attention.It after all is ment to represent ALL of the gay population of this country, including those who are temporally in this country (and have the right as recently established in the Court of Appeals).Neither is it supporting the Private members bill regarding COA’s that is going though the commons, which is a shame.For one of the chairman’s of the EUCH is also a member of Stonewall..

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 6 Feb 2008, 8:42pm

    Omar, it doesn’t surprise me about Stonewall, they’re afraid to rock the boat like many. In the U.S. gay organisations like that are far more proactive and take on all manner of homophobia and defend them in a court of law, not just selectively as Stonewall does. None of the Gay organisations in the States care much for political expediency, they just spell it out and tell the politicians like it is. No pussyfooting around any issue. One good piece of news is that a court in my state of New York has issued an order stating that overseas legal same-sex marriages (not partnerships) must be recognised in the state and we don’t even have marriage yet although the governor has drafted legislation to give us that right which will probably be sent to the floor of the state senate in 2009. If the Democrats win the November election and enough manage to push out the conservatives in the state senate, then it has a good chance of becoming law. No democrats will oppose it either.

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