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Boles donates money to Boris campaign

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Reader comments

  1. World of Twist 4 Feb 2008, 6:12pm

    I’m in no way a Conservative voter and I really despise Boris Johnson but I can’t help feeling that more gays in the Tory party would not necessarily be a bad thing.Of course the party itself will have to go a long way to make up for the appalling prejudice they showed towards the LBGT community during the Thatcher/Major years.Personally the only reason I think this shift has come about is the fact that rabid right wingers have bigger fish to fry these days.But I still don’t trust them an inch and never will.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Feb 2008, 7:15pm

    World of Twist, hi. Maybe its not a bad idea, but just remember this. In the U.S. Gay conservatives (Log Cabiners as they are called) actually believe they can change their party from within. Thus far, their party has passed more antigay legislation than any in history; it refuses to grant full equality and believes that our sexual orientation is a choice that can be changed by prayer. It supports ex-gay ministries and it engenders self-loathing, shame, ostracisation and stigma. Larry Craig was the latest example of that. Had not the Labour party addressed equality, involuntarily or not, I don’t think for a minute Cameron would have bothered had he been the occupier of 10 Downing Street instead of Blair.

  3. World of Twist 4 Feb 2008, 8:21pm

    Hi Robert, you know you are probably right, however here’s hoping that British conservatives are not as beholden to the God -botherers as their American cousins.I still don’t trust them fully .

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Feb 2008, 8:40pm

    World of Twist, I hope you’re right. I’m not holding my breath though, don’t trust them, never have, never will. There are many in that party who would bring back Section 28 if they could, among others. Lets not forget, Cameron supported it, that alone makes me very sceptical and I don’t care if he recanted his support for political expediency either.

  5. We should be aware the rampant homophobia within the nazi BNP. This is what Richard Barnbrook, the nazi BNP’s mayoral candidate for London, says about homosexuality:“There is a close analogy here with homosexuality. No one knows what causes some individuals to do what the majority of any healthy society places on a scale somewhere between distasteful and abhorrent, but some individuals will behave in that way whatever the bulk of popular opinion … [in] the present circumstances where such “alternative lifestyle choices” are presented as valid – even superior – by the most powerful behavioural modification programme in human history”.(

  6. quote: No one knows what causes some individuals to do what the majority of any healthy society places on a scale somewhere between distasteful and abhorrentNever really got this? What do we do that is so different? When talking openly about sex with my hetrosexual friends, they do excatly in bed what we do. So whatever these people find so abhorrent, perhaps should start putting their own houses in order , before that start using us an excuse for their hate.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 5 Feb 2008, 1:11pm

    Dave, heterosexuals widely practice anal intercourse with their female partners/wives. Yet when it comes to male on male doing the same thing, then the homophobia comes to the fore. The double standard of course is learned behaviour, along with bigotry and hypocrisy all of which emanate from religion that has permeated society like cancer, absolutely lethal.

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