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Scientists create sperm from female stem cells

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Reader comments

  1. Ryan Haynes 31 Jan 2008, 11:59am

    Foul disgusting and wrong – I feel disgusted at this idea…my little tadpoles now are totally redundant – THANK YOU SCIENCE!

  2. bit of bad luck you’re having isn’t it ryan! I feel disgusted at the thought of having to take a man’s ‘tadpoles’ as you call them to have a baby with my partner so personally I’m over the moon! Get back under your rock you caveman – THANK YOU SCIENCE!

  3. Greg Aharonian 21 Apr 2008, 6:50am

    The scientists on this panel exaggerate the difficulties of creating female sperm because of the lack of a Y chromosome in female cells. There are a variety of techniques these scientists are deliberately overlooking (I suspect a touch of homophobia here) that are routinely used to add a chromosome, such as the Y chromosome, to human cells. For serious information on research into female sperm and male eggs, check out a new Web site: It is a solvable problem, if you want to solve it for the benefit of gays and lesbians. The UK committee most likely is not competent enough in these matters, or harbor too many biases.

  4. Scientists breed mice with two fathers « Spain gay. Gay information in English 11 Dec 2010, 9:10am

    […] In 2008, researchers at the University of Newcastle created primitive sperm cells with female embryonic stem cells. […]

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