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Disgraced Tory MP paid son’s friend

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Reader comments

  1. Ryan Haynes 3 Feb 2008, 12:53pm

    Is there any way to bring down the Mail and Express – fracking small-minded b-turds

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Feb 2008, 3:04pm

    We should all forward this link to every homophobic politician, newspaper, religious denomination, organisation that we know of. Click or paste the link below.

  3. Conway’s voting record on gay rights isn’t exactly glowing.

  4. Ryan Haynes 3 Feb 2008, 5:57pm

    In one sense I’m quite pleased they’re getting a bashing – he is a privileged guy who has used our money to better himself and just a poncie scene queen that deserves nothing more than humiliation..However, using his sexuality against him just tarnishes us – it’s wholly unfair.

  5. OMAR KUDDUS 3 Feb 2008, 6:42pm

    Typically once they have run out of angles to get at the MP, they resort to dirty tactics, and in this case the gay son. Having kept abreast of what has been happening its amazing that the other “straight” son did not get the treatment or his personal life splashed all over the media/news.It is correct that the MP is crying homophobia, for in the end that is what it is, and again time that we made ourselves and presence heard by boycotting the relevant publications, as they clearly don’t feel comfortable accepting our pink pounds.

  6. So, Mr Haynes. Please can you explain why Conway’s son deserves to be humiliated? Is his lack of masculinity somehow a problem for you? Precisely who has the problem here? Him for being effeminate, or do I detect intolerance and internalised homophobia on your part?

  7. OMAR KUDDUS 3 Feb 2008, 6:54pm

    Robert, thank you for the link. I can think a few governmental officials to send it too, without hesitation.However in regards to the disgraced MPs son, has no one heard that the sins of the father are not that of the son?Mave, Conways’s record on gay may not exactly be “exactly glowing” but then that is his own personal beliefs and agenda. No one can accuse him of Homophobia, with a gay son.In history if we look at the Wolfenden report’ recommendation to decriminalise male homosexuality, he too was uncomfortable and to certain aspects against the principle, despite having a gay son himself.Just because there is a member of ones family that is gay, does not necessarily mean that they too have to support our cause or agenda, for it may be against their own principles, despite acceptance of their own kinfolk.

  8. Ryan Haynes 3 Feb 2008, 7:16pm

    David – it’s nothing to do with his sexuality. Why should people with parents in respectable and financially rewarding positions use this to their advantage to further themselves without actually doing anything to achieve the notoriety. He has used other people’s money to further himself?He’s some sort of art historian apparently – he probably knows a lot because he is being handed funds from the state given him by his father to sit round doing nothing so he fills his time with reading.My friend is struggling to find funding for her phd and works three jobs just to support her studies…this is wholly wrong!To be honest – he looked gay but I never knew he was until someone told me – I thought he was just a well-dressed socialite. One of those effeminate types – I care nothing for him he’s too blonde for me!

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Feb 2008, 10:53pm

    “My friend is struggling to find funding for her phd and works three jobs just to support her studies …this is wholly wrong!”Very sorry to hear that Ryan, I’ll tell you what, why don’t we all pillory Derrick Conway’s son and that will somehow make it all right won’t it?Your mate is not being forced to study anything, she is doing it because she wants to. To be fair to her, she ain’t on here bitching about it, but you are. Why don’t you sub her a few quid and maybe she wouldn’t have to work so hard?

  10. Jack of London 3 Feb 2008, 10:53pm

    To Omar Kuddus… what exactly do you mean by “our cause and agenda”? I have yet to see this often quoted (by Americans usually) “agenda”.

  11. I guess it’s OK to beat up other people’s law abiding gay kids as Mr. Conway has done as long as no one says a cross word about HIS gay kid.We have this type of situational homophobic conservative in America too. Dick Cheney is the most notable.

  12. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Feb 2008, 9:23am

    You’re absolutely right Zeke, why don’t we just kids to death the kids of any parent guilty of homophobia? They’re obviously from a bad stock and need to take group responsibility for their parent/parents actions. Its bound to be hereditary, so we need to stop the bloodline.I don’t know whether it is poppers or too many class A drugs that have caused it, but what sort of a f**ked up world are you living in over there where you think it is right to condone the persecution of a kid because of the actions of his/her parent.

  13. Bill Perdue 4 Feb 2008, 5:12pm

    Young Henry Conway’s problems all stem from his father. The elder Conway is a typically homophobic Conservative swine. His party, the party of Section 28, routinely votes against measures to protect GLBT folk from hate speech and they pigheadedly oppose same sex marriage. Conservative Party politics help create and sustain the homophobia that victimized Henry Conway. When Derek Conway accurately accuses the press of homophobia he ought to admit that it’s his party that feeds bigotry. The elder Conway is also a typical sleazy politician who involved his family in corrupt practices and made the whole family an easy target for the tabloids. Our condolences to anyone unlucky enough to have a Conservative pig like him for a father. Especially one stupid enough to get caught. No wonder Cameron threw him under the bus. What good is he to the Conservatives if he can’t cover up a few scandals?

  14. Here Here! The first bit of common sense I’ve read about this debate. Conway’s son’s only mistake was naivety – not cynicism.

  15. Sister Mary Clarence, your offensive ad hominem and straw-man based argument is ignorant and offensive but not at all unexpected.I didn’t in any way support the homophobic attack on this man’s son, as you scurrilously claimed. Invest some of your time and energy in some reading comprehension lessons. I did write in ENGLISH after all. I would expect you to be more familiar with the language. I pointed out that the Minister is hypocritical to take offense at homophobia directed at his son when he, through his voting record and past rhetoric, is guilty of homophobia directed against the entire gay community.The American version of this phenomenon is Dick Cheney.I can’t decide whether I find your delusions sad, frightening or amusing. One thing I am certain of is that I’ll have HUNDREDS of more examples of them in the comment section of PinkNews to help me make up my mind.Oh, and by the way, since you can’t comprehend English I should probably not assume that you might understand hominem: attacking an opponents character rather than answering his/her argument.And once again, not to make assumptions about your education or lack thereof, a “straw man” argument is one in which a person, not having a reasonable or intelligent way to refute an opponent’s point, creates an easily refutable point, assigns it to his/her opponent and then shoots IT down.You dear Sister are a Master of BOTH the ad hominem AND the straw man.

  16. Ryan Haynes 4 Feb 2008, 7:20pm

    here here Zeke!

  17. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Feb 2008, 7:40pm

    “I guess it’s OK to beat up other people’s law abiding gay kids as Mr. Conway has done”.Could you clarify one which occasions Mr Conway has beaten up anyone’s son, law abiding or otherwise?I’ve had a check on google and haven’t managed to find anything, but no doubt over 4000 miles away, you’ll have a much better idea about what’s going on over here that we do.Conway was tossed out of the Conservative Party almost immediately his wrong doing was found out – not so the case for a host of Labour MPs recently on the fiddle. I didn’t notice any posting from you on that subject when featured on here.First sniff of a story mentioning a Conservative and you’re in there like a fly round shit. Whenever or whatever it is you’re got some analogy to the Republican Party in the States.I for one and I’m sure many others do not give a flying f**k about Dick Cheney. He has no relevance to Derek Conway’s son getting ripped apart by the press because he is gay.Then you have the cheek to call me a ‘straw man’. If anyone is ever guilty of misrepresenting anyone else’s position it is you. Whatever Conway or his son have or have not done the fact that the boy is gay is neither here nor there and it should not be used to pillory him in the Press.I notice all your brotherly solidarity and ‘our movement’ shit goes right out the window when it suits you.

  18. Bill Perdue 4 Feb 2008, 9:01pm

    Zeke, your comments about Twisted Sister are to the point. His reactionary politics condemn him as a self loathing homophobe and his party as bigots. His unfailing defense of bigots and false attempts to equate GLBT rights with ‘special rights’ pits his slavish party loyalty against our common struggle for equality. When others comment on that he gets peevish and throws a fit. But to no avail. But you’re right; he’s not going to stop. If nothing else, he’s good for a laugh. And it’s not as if he’s actually fooling anyone. Most people see though his attempts to divert the discussion with personal attacks.I’m sorry to hear that the conservative bigots have succeeded in getting the antigay ballot initiative qualified for the November ballot in Florida. There‘ll be millions of new, younger, GLBT friendly voters this time around and hopefully that’ll help stop them. In large majorities youth reject the conservative bigots that oppose same sex marriage.

  19. Conway Junior doesn’t deserve the opprobrium he is getting from the press; however Conway Senior pleading that the press are being homophobic deserves not one iota of sympathy from us: it’s a culture of homophobia he has actively chosen to legislate in favour of. He has made his bed and can damn well lie in it.

  20. Chris Paul 4 Feb 2008, 11:38pm

    Fly round shit? Critting the Tories? Beautiful analogy sister. I’d rather be fly than shit/Tory. To be honest.

  21. Chris Paul 4 Feb 2008, 11:43pm

    BTW: In terms of beating up anyone’s gay son … there are few MPs of any party enjoying ratings less than 26% on agreeing that gay people are equal and deserve equal treatment under the law.”He’s a lovely boy” said Derek “but deeply subhuman when it comes to rights and opportunities”.”But we love him, as we do our hamster.”

  22. BWAAAAH!OK Sister Mary Clarence, I’ve made up my mind about whether I find you sad, frightening or amusing; or more accurately YOU’VE made up my mind. I find you AMUSING, DEFINITELY amusing! You’re too bat sh*t crazy for me to take seriously enough to be sad for or frightened of. In fact I suspect you aren’t even for real, just a troll. Challenging you with reason gets the same reaction as poking a caged animal with a stick (except for the fact that the former is entertaining and amusing whereas the latter is just plain cruel).Regardless of the source of motivation for your vein popping rants, PLEASE keep them up! I can always use the laugh!PS. I see you have as much trouble writing in English as you do with comprehending it. That’s just sad.

  23. Oh, and lest you complain that I didn’t answer your question…DEREK (you can’t even SPELL the name of the man you’re defending) Conway is whining and complaining that the press is beating up on his son with homophobic attacks in the form of articles, commentaries and editorials. I use the term “beating up” in the sense of VERBAL abuse (maybe that’s an American thing like “apartment”, “trunk” or “potato chip) and verbal homophobic attacks, which Mr. Conway HIMSELF complains his son is being subjected to by the press. Now go back to your Google search and find out how many times Mr. Conway “beat up” on other people’s gay kids with homophobic laws (Like SECTION 28: even YOU would have to agree that this law was homophobic) and the rhetoric that accompanies homophobic votes.SMC’s head to explode in 4, 3, 2, 1…

  24. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Feb 2008, 2:12am

    Bill – “His unfailing defense of bigots” – I’m not aware the son is a bigot – perhaps again you have some insight 4000 miles away that is not so obvious over here.As for you Zeke, wrap it up however you will. Use whatever justification you need to. I have made it very clear that whatever his father has done the boy does not deserve to be vilified in the Press for being gay in my view. You clearly have a very different view and you seem to believe that you are somehow superior to me because we have differing views. It doesn’t make you a better person Zeke. The kid has no control over what his father thinks, says or votes in parliament. Hurl all the Troy troll, straw man insults you want, it won’t change that. It speaks volumes about the levels that gay activists in the States (i.e. you and your sidekick Bill) have sunk to that you condone the torture of a gay guy because of something you perceive his father to have or not to have done. Learn to have a little more respect for your fellow human beings and maybe your fellow Americans will show you a little more respect and start to grant you at least some of the many equalities we now enjoy in this country.History shows the politics of hatred are seldom victorious.

  25. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Feb 2008, 2:29am

    Zeke – Section 28 – read up on Conway’s voting record mate. He was absent from parliament for both votes in relation to Section 28 (along incidentally with quite a number of the now Labour cabinet).If you care to look closely at his voting record on gay issues you will see that in line with changing Tory policy his recent voting record is actually decidedly pro gay, having voted in favour of Civil Partnerships for example.None of which has anything really to do with his son being persecuted for being gay, which is the real issue here.Please feel free to come back with some irrelevant comparison to log cabin Republicans or Dick Chayne, as you tirelessly do.

  26. How quaint and typical of blustering conservatives.Sister Mary Clarence, who loves to grandstand, attack and belittle those who disagree with her/him, then plays poor innocent victim when someone stands up to her/him and gives her/him a dose of his own medicine. By the way, which is it? Her? Him?We call those crocodile tears here in the States, what do you call them in the UK?Contrary to SMC’s misconception and often repeated insinuation, I am a HUGE Brit-o-phile (My paternal grandparents came to America from Scotland). That’s why I come to this site so often. If you think I am hard on politicians in the UK you should read some of my comments on American sites where I rant constantly about how screwed up our government and politicians are. The UK is LEAPS AND BOUNDS ahead of us on EVERY front. I fully realize that. I would LOVE to emigrate to England or Scotland but it is not feasible at this time. There at least my husband, me and our son would have SOME legal status. In Florida where I live we have NONE (my husband and I and my husband and our son are legal strangers). I am in the process of So, unlike SMC, I CHALLENGE things when I think they harm people, countries or things I love. I love America, I challenge people and policies that I feel are destroying her. I love the UK and do the same. I’ve never bought into the Republican/Tory/SMC delusion that challenging one’s world, one’s country or one’s politicians is unpatriotic, unacceptable or offensive. Strangely neither do they when liberals are in power.Sister, I’m willing to call a truce if you are. Just know that I can AND WILL give as good as I get.Either way, this will be my last comment on this thread.

  27. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Feb 2008, 12:48am

    So, Zeke, slag me off and then call a truce, with some vague potent of bad things to come if I don’t. Forgive me for not biting your hand off.I have no interest in your ancestry and more than I have any interest in you. The fact that you’re the illegitimate son of a blind cobbler’s mistress who once won some tartan shortbread in a raffle does not make you a leading light in British political commentary I’m afraid.I stand by what I said that I believe that Conway’s son should not be pilloried for being gay. Justifying persecution of anyone is the thin end of the wedge. Where does it end and ultimately who makes the final decision. His story is littered with examples this.

  28. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Feb 2008, 12:49am

    Sorry, should read ‘portent’ before you start kicking off

  29. Robert, ex-pat Brit 6 Feb 2008, 1:18pm

    Zeke, I am a transplanted Brit living in the U.S. I feel exactly as you do. Whenever progressives such as you and I and others criticise what is wrong in either country, we are denigrated as too left wing and too liberal and unpatriotic. In other words, we don’t love our country or countries because of it. They claim the moral high ground on just about everything. All they’re interested in is lower taxes, accumulation of wealth and privatisation of just about everything that is decent in society, the things they take for granted and enjoy such as universal health care (in the UK), the military, law enforcement, fire brigade (department in the US),secondary (high school) and higher education, libraries….all forms of socialism that they enjoy. They’re nothing but selfish, self-serving sycophants who would sacrifice our rights for political expediency.

  30. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Feb 2008, 3:52pm

    “They’re nothing but selfish, self-serving sycophants who would sacrifice our rights for political expediency” – lovely, can we quote you on that? It does seem to re-enforce the point that a number of you seem to think that you’re better than us.Equality indeed ….

  31. Omar Kuddus 6 Feb 2008, 5:45pm

    Jack, by “agenda” I mean our or rather the majority of the gay communities, desire and wish for total equality and not to be treated differently, due to our sexuality. His agenda in this instance would apply to his own political beliefs and vies. Nothing more.I try and avoid American English, as you put it, when I “respond or comment”, but it does sometimes unconsciously slip in. (It is due to having my degree from Harvard and PHD from MIT, and nothing else, and being educated in American schools whilst my parents were in the Foreign Service.)No harm meant, and I hope this answers the question, for under no circumstances was I trying to disrespect his own personal political views and goals that he himself believes in and has the rights to. My other “comment” should have made this apparent.

  32. Guns and Roses star Axl Rose parties at London gay club run by former MP's son 2 Sep 2010, 12:01am

    […] Derek Conway paid his Henry, now the promoter of the night in question, out of Parliamentary expenses whilst he was a full time student in Newcastle. A number of tabloid newspapers focused on Henry Conway’s sexuality causing Mr Conway senior to accuse them of homophobia. “Why should he be pilloried for being gay?” he exclaimed in 2008. “He’s my son.” […]

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