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Defeated Giuiliani endorses McCain for President

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  1. One thing I’ll say for Giuliani is he’s no bigot. When he was getting divorced from his wife, he went and stayed with a couple of gay friends.I doubt too many family values Conservatives would have done that.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 29 Jan 2008, 8:29pm

    Luke, yes Giuliani is a bigot of the first order, he wants it both ways. He claims to be catholic but in his church, divorce is not an option. Thereby, he’s excommunicated himself. He’s another sycophantic conservative much like his counterparts in the UK and elsewhere. He’s known here in New York (when he was Mayor) for dressing up in drag, bragging about his support for equality yet doesn’t want us to have the right to marry the person we love. So much for family values he claims to believe in. He’s another hypocrite of course.

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