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Brian Paddick on Elton, cruising and his partner

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  1. Another one ! 31 Jan 2008, 3:15pm

    We all look forward to seeing the expenses of this dinner/soiree appear on the electoral commission’s website in due course!

  2. So is it appropriate and proper to refer to David Furnish as Sir Elton’s “boyfriend”?I know he doesn’t have an official title, as a wife would, but certainly the fact that they have had a civil partnership should at the very least earn him the title “partner”.If gay journalists don’t even take these partnerships seriously enough to give them proper respect in their commentaries how can we expect non-gay people to take them seriously in our society?

  3. London LibDem 1 Feb 2008, 10:28am

    Paddick haters emerge from the woodwork…

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Feb 2008, 1:42pm

    Zeke, you’re right on that. The reason why is that its NOT marriage and not regarded as nothing more than legally recognised partnerships, much like a business partnership. In any case, we are banned from marrying. British Gays unlike their fellow brothers and sisters across the globe are the only ones who distinguish themselves by apparently not wanting marriage equality, they prefer to be segregated and to be looked at differently while enjoying many of the rights of “straight” marriage. Rather conflicted I think and to some degree, hypocritical. So be it, if that’s what they want. You and I want something better.They have to ask themselves this question though, if civil partnerships are so equal, then why are straights banned from these legal unions especially if they opt not to marry? Why should both orientations be banned from the other’s rights to form marriages or partnerships? The fact of the matter is, and they can rant and beat up on me as they wish, and quite frankly, I don’t give a damn, is that they are and NEVER will be equal. Another thing, British Gays don’t want to be equal to straights and they regard marriage as a straight institution anyway and not appropriate for Gay people. Odd that several other countries who had civil unions/partnerships long before anybody in the UK was remotely interested in equality, abolished them for real marriage. I wonder why? Another thing that irks me is that many Gay websites insist on using the word “marriage” in reference to civil partnered couples. What is that all about? Denial perhaps?

  5. We should be aware the rampant homophobia within the nazi BNP. This is what Richard Barnbrook, the nazi BNP’s mayoral candidate for London, says about homosexuality:“There is a close analogy here with homosexuality. No one knows what causes some individuals to do what the majority of any healthy society places on a scale somewhere between distasteful and abhorrent, but some individuals will behave in that way whatever the bulk of popular opinion … [in] the present circumstances where such “alternative lifestyle choices” are presented as valid – even superior – by the most powerful behavioural modification programme in human history”.( is what Nick Griffin, the leader of the nazi BNP, said about the anti-gay Admiral Duncan bombing:“TV footage of …gay demonstrators flaunting their perversion in front of journalists showed why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive”.(Spearhead [BNP magazine], June 1999)Griffin and the nazi BNP have also denounced homosexuality as “form of behavioural deviancy” and “not a valid lifestyle choice”. He claims the BNP speaks for “the majority of the population” who, he says, believe “homosexuality is wrong” and that it “needs to be pushed humanely but firmly back into the closet”. Griffin warns that if gays continue to “press their aims further” there will be an “almighty backlash” which will result in the imprisonment of all homosexuals.(‘Putting the record straight’, Nick Griffin, Identity [BNP magazine], December 2003).Nick Griffin has also stated that the nazi BNP wants to extend Clause 28 to encompass, for example, the media. This is what Nick Griffin said:“There’s plenty of people making soap operas that present homosexuality as a wonderful lifestyle, which as a matter of fact it very often isn’t. But plenty of people promoting it are heterosexual. So if you fined or even imprisoned a BBC filmmaker for breaching those laws, then it’s not persecuting a homosexual necessarily, it’s persecuting someone for breaking those laws”.(,11913,783675,00.html)A BNP spokesman told the that homosexuality is a disease. This was the BNP spokesman said:“Some unfortunate people suffer from homosexuality so we will just have to tolerate them. If I was one I would be ashamed and would remain celibate”.(

  6. Richard Barnbrook, the BNP’s mayoral candidate for London attends the ‘note quite’ (but getting there!)Nuremberg Rally in London.

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