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Praise for Stonewall’s homophobic bullying work

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Reader comments

  1. OMAR KUDDUS 30 Jan 2008, 3:10pm

    Thank you and about time too. If we tackle and educate people when they are young, that homophobia is unacceptable, in any form, hopefully they will grow up and realise that it is not acceptable in life, when they are older.The generation that this shall effect shall understand what true discrimination is and hopefully they demand that it does not exist in society.It is the small steps that shall achieve the ultimate goal of unity and non-discrimination due to sexuality and allow the new generations to hopefully live as equals and without predigest.Though it may not help those who already have suffered Homophobia and bullying , they can take comfort that their ordeals and sufferings shall hopefully become a thing of the past.Sexuality is as much a freedom and right as the others that we enjoy.

  2. This has been far too long in coming but now at last there is progress. I live on a council estate and have heard homophobic language continually from primary school children every time they pass my door on the way to school. Words such as ‘poof’ and ‘pooftah’ are in regular use. The sad thing is that these young kids are with their parents. Parents dont take responsibility for their children and that is very much the problem.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 30 Jan 2008, 4:01pm

    Omar, YES. Homophobia and racism are learned behaviour and choices, beginning in the home and promulgated by ignorance and organised religion, but there will be apologists here who will of course refute all of that. Truth always hurts.

  4. OMAR KUDDUS 30 Jan 2008, 7:32pm

    Though it has been a long time in coming there is progress being made, at quite an significant pace, recently, toward making society more equal and taking up the issues of homophobia.Unfortunately the point is significant and clear that the younger generation needs to be educated and shown that such behaviour is unacceptable, as it is apparent that parents do sometimes not see this as they were taught, by their parents that it was acceptable to have a go at the minorities and especially our minority.It is less than half a decade ago when one could be racist and refuse service or hospitality, due to the colour of ones skin, so it is not that significant, as no one expects us to sit in the back of the bus any more.Transition and acceptance is not something that shall happen overnight, but with all the new laws being established to prevent and discourage homophobia the foundations are being laid, and the responsibility being removed from parents or their morality or that of religion.Robert I am shore there will be, but their comment is their own expression, and as said not necessarily needs to be agreed with, especially as the truth always hurts. But I am open to suggestion and valid argument, (as long as it can be backed up rationally and does not resort to personal mud slinging, for that I can get from the local bar and not why I discuss/comment here) to the contrary.

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