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Review: A misanthropic take on gay relationships

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Reader comments

  1. i am looking forward to the play,how can i wait untill that time.i am a gay and my profile is on where i look for gay partner

  2. John Hunt 3 Feb 2008, 1:15pm

    The play is not a comedy, despite many moments of humour: but it is certainly worth seeing.Unfortunately, the “unremittingly negative” remarks in this review are likely to deter many people: “unsparingly dark presentation”, “shallow, self-serving characters paralysed by their own unhappy existences”, “no message of hope”, “tough going”, “gay men are selfish, incapable of proper love, needy, doomed to unhappiness”, “little to smile about”.I saw the play last night with friends: despite the PinkNews review, and another negative one in the Evening Standard. We all enjoyed it: as, apparently, did the rest of the audience, judging by the applause at the end.As for the “shallow, self-serving characters paralysed by their own unhappy existences”: even Mac realises that he doesn’t really WANT to harm himself and others. By the end of the play we understand in most cases how the characters have been damaged by previous life events.The hope is that, having seen the play, we can examine our own lives, to find the courage to break unhelpful patterns, pursuing goals and developing relationships that are, conversely, deep and meaningful.”Little to smile about”? Actually on the way home we were all laughing!

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