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MP calls for hormone block drugs for trans children

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Reader comments

  1. Christine Burns 29 Jan 2008, 4:55pm

    The awful thing about the existing UK policy is that it flies completely against the balance of evidence and risk and treats the existing “do nothing” approach as though it is the zero risk option against the presumed higher risk of hormone blocking intervention.The opposite is true in fact. Quite apart from the suicide risks highlighted in this article doing nothing involves permitting changes to occur which the patient will then have to deal with for the rest of their lives. By contrast the hormone blocking route does nothing irreversible, has a secure evidence base and buys time for the young person to think and grow in their ability to make fully informed decisions about their own treatment.

  2. As a 30-something post-op transwoman, being able to choose to have my puberty halted would have helped prevent the daily problems I face. It was having to go through puberty “in the wrong gender” that caused me more harm. I welcome the opportunity for transpeople of whatever age to have an easier path, after all we are born into the wrong body, it is not a lifestyle choice.

  3. Stephanie E.A Butterfield 30 Jan 2008, 9:26am

    I agree whole heartadly with Michelle and Christine, the treatment of children with GID is so cruel.I first became aware my body was wrong at 3, yet for various reasons I felt unable to do anything about it until I was 38. I am now with a gender clinic, 11 months + on HRT, and seeing some wonderful changes.If more help, education and access to hormone blockers had been available in the late 70’s early 80’s, then I would not have suffered the awful masculization effects of male puberty. Which happened late in life for me, aged 17, and my body made up for lost time and my feminine looks evaporated very quickly.I too have contemplated suicide prior to starting my transition process, these children need to be listened to by the medical profession.HBS is not a life choice.So I fully support the campaign backed by Dr Jones.Stephanie

  4. As a transgendered woman, I feel it is incredibly patronising for those not suffering from gender disphoria to have such a controlling impact on the quality of such a young persons future. Thus denying them drugs which will help stabilise their appearance until aged 16 or 18 when they could legally make the descision.

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