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Kennedys come out in support of Obama

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  1. Bill Perdue 29 Jan 2008, 4:09am

    Kennedy’s endorsement is much ado about squat. Obama and Clinton share the same politics. They both oppose socialized medicine, repeal of NAFTA and other union busting laws and immediate withdrawal. In fact they both agree that the troops will have to stay until at least 2013. Their differences on the war are tactical – Obama wants to attack Pakistan and Clinton, who’s always agreed with Bush says the attack should be directed against Iran. It’s true that Obama is a pigheaded opponent of samesex marriage equality but the Clintons are worse. They worked closely with their Republican bedmates to ram through bigot bills like DOMA and DADT and their campaign director Barney scuttled the hate crimes bill and ENDA sop they wouldn’t be an issue in the elections. Obama does indeed pander to bigots but self loathing Rev. Donnie McClurkin and Mary Mary are chump change bigots compared to the ones who love Hillary Clinton. They include bible study bedmates like former christianbigot Republican Senators Santorum and Brownback, loonies like Pat Robertson and menacing figures Rupert Murdoch, fuehrer of the Faux News empire. The problem facing Democrats is that their candidates support the war and the deregulation and union busting that’s ruining our standard of living in teh US. They both pander to bigots and their differences with the Republicans are cosmetic at best. Obama’s politics are not particularly different from the Clintons; they’ve just been at it longer and are more heartily detested for it. A Republican politician is a baboon in a people suit with a totalitarian christian attached at the hip. A Democratic politician is a Republican in drag.