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  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Jan 2008, 5:27pm

    I nominate Peter Tatchell as a “national” hero, a man who has fought tirelessly for basic civil and human rights and confronted bigotry head on for all and putting his life on the line, something that the majority of us would never have the courage to do. A shining example to all of us who believe in equality and respect for others abroad and at home.

  2. OMAR KUDDUS 22 Jan 2008, 8:46pm

    I second that motion, for Peter deserves recognition for his selfless dedication, despite his ill health, to stand up and be counted, as a true believer in equality.

  3. Dame Margaret 22 Jan 2008, 10:20pm

    I thought Tatchell was Australian? Either way, he’s very annoying.I nominate Lord Tebbit, for services to leather underwear, sock suspenders and vaseline.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Jan 2008, 1:25pm

    Dame Margaret, yes, Peter is Australian. So what? Are you a xenophobe? He’s done more than you’ve ever imagined or dared. Brave, courageous and deeply committed to equality and YOUR rights. You find him annoying because people like you don’t like hearing the truth which always hurts. The squeaky wheel gets things done, not cowering in the closet of indifference.

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